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Are bad attacks more likely once you've suffered one?

Hi all,

I've had asthma for a number of years, and it's always been pretty much well controlled. Apart from one trip to A+E for nebs a few years ago and a few episodes where I've required steroids, it's never really been a problem. Early this year however I found myself being admitted after a severe attack, and it took a few months to get back to 'normal' afterwards.

With the winter season fast approaching I'm feeling a little anxious that it may happen again, since my last admission was a result of a heavy cold. I'm allergic to eggs so am unable to have the flu jab, and I'm wondering if my concerns are unfounded or if I'll be a little more susceptible to severe attacks now, since I've had one.

I'm hoping I'm just panicking about nothing, but would really like to know the facts surrounding repeated admissions etc.

I'd be grateful for any info here. Thanks for reading ;)


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