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3 down, Hoping not 1 to go!

Hubby is asthmatic, daughter is asthmatic and now I've just been told it is highly likely I am asthmatic too! After suffering three weeks with what initially was a dreadful cough coming out of nowhere and leaving me exhausted. The first call I made was to emergency docs one night as I was struggling to breathe with all the coughing and he diagnosed a residual chest infection, given antibiotics and told to see GP after the week course if still no better. Was no better, if anything worse, so saw GP, second lot of antibiotics and advised to go back after two weeks if no better. Dutifully I did my weeks worth of antibiotics, waited a week and then having had those weeks of coughing and not getting any better, made an appointment to see nurse at the same time as Emily for her asthma. Poor mite is suffering again and I think it's as a result of the change in weather again. So the nurse goes over my medial notes and suggests it is possible I get asthmatic with chest infections, considering I've had loads and repeat courses of antibiotics over the years just to help me get on top of them. Oh, and it goes hand in hand with eczema which i have suffered with since I was a baby. So she prescribed me a salbutamol and the steroid inhaler (never can remember which one it is), told to go back in a week and if no better will be referred for chest x-ray. Am hoping it doesn't come to this as I'm feeling better at the moment and am catching up on sleep. But now I'm dreading our son's chances. He's only 17 weeks and already developed the same cough his sister was pretty much born with. However, touch wood, so far he is nowhere near as bad as she was and despite having had his own period of ill health and hospitalisation at 8 weeks with meningitis, I'm hopeful that we have a while ahead of us before the likelihood of asthma rears its head with him.

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get well

I do hope all is well with you soon.Take care and get as much rest as you can.



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