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Going abroad and frightened to death!

Hi im new and was diagnosed in Novemeber at 39 after hoping id got away with it (its a family thing). Anyway, ive had no help or advice apart from my mom! I had my first attack whilst sat at my desk at work, with no warning at all - is this normal?! I completely panicked and hyperventilated. I also have Rinitis so i cant breath through my nose either. Im now on Seretide, two puffs twice a day, nasonex spray and Clarytin (only recently). Today ive had two nose bleeds and a headache to die for - I think this may be the weather. I'll stop rambling now! In August we are going to Cuba for 2 weeks for my partners sisters wedding and im scared to death because i dont know what to do or know what yet triggers my asthma. Will it be too humid for me or will it better because we will be right on the beach and the air is dry? Ive no idea! I am also scared about being enclosed on the plane - ever since I have had an attack I panic, and the thought of having one also panics me which obviously makes things worse. Can I take Kalms and do they work?? Sorry for all the questions but im at my wits end x

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Welcome to boards

Personally i find that my asthma is happier abroad. I would not worry i would just take a doctors note with all your medication listed on and plenty of spare reliever medication.

Go and enjoy yourself and remeber you are going for a holiday.

Time to have fun and relax!



Hi, Thanks ever so much for your reply and I feel better now. Ive got to learn to stop thinking about it - hopefully a holiday will do just that.

Thanks again!


PS. This forum is really helpful x


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