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What thing finally helps when our asthma is bad?

Maddie has been rough for 4 wks now. Up most nights, needing loads of ventolin during the day etc. She's had antibs for an infection. And now finally they have agreed to increase her pred for a few days. This always has good effect. Finally a light is at the end of the tunnel!

What helps you when you're struggling?? Nothing else seems to help here other than pred.

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So sorry to hear Maddie is still suffering!!

For me pred, salbutamol nebs and the alternate atrovemt nebs work.l for me on a little flare up...andthing more than that though and im in hospital having iv's

Hope Maddie gets better soon...sending a virtual hug to you all!!



Sorry to hear you and maddie are still struggling! 4 weeks is a long time!

I'm the same ... If I'm going downhill the only thing that has a hope of working is a full whack of 40mg pred ... Usually for atleast a week/10 days to calm things down. Otherwise like Charlie I tend to end up in hospital needing further treatment.

I hope the increase in pred does the trick and the both of you can get some relief!

B x


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