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I've had a really tough weekend with my breathing.

Been audibly wheezy at night an in the mornings for a few wks but wa managing it fine. Then last wk the wheezing seemed to become quiet!! And then Nellie decided to move in! Gradually got worse and resulted in a trip to my gp on Friday and a prescription for pred and antibiotics! Again!!

Anyway today was day 3 of pred and yet I haven't felt a relief from the inflammation and stickiness I can feel on my lungs. They are hurting alot too! I've also used sooo much ventolin!

Just wondered if the pred should have kicked in by now?? I'm sure it has in the past! My PF is still around 75% at the min.

Also, does anyone have any tips on clearing the stickiness? I just can't seem to cough it up! Yuk! I can feel it on my lungs but it just feels stuck!?!?

And the last thing- this pain!! Why?!?!?!

Had enough now! Think I'll be back at the gp tomorrow but at the same time don't want to go ifbi should be giving this longer to work! :-(


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If your in that much pain and still feeling rough don't hang around too long, may need antibiotics changing, if you are concerned then go back to the GP even if its to just put your mind at rest.


Agree with craggsy, think you're right to go back to GP. My sympathies as your whole family really seems to struggle with asthma to some degree, from what you've said in other posts about your daughters and husband.

One thing I wondered is do you often get the stickiness? If so might be worth asking GP about a physio referral? I get the stickiness too so I know what you mean, it's really annoying. I've been trying to get the resp. physio I see to help. tbh she hasn't really and doesn't seem that bothered about it. I know it's not that major but like you say it is annoying - and a lot of people on here I think have said physio has helped them with clearing it, it's one of the things they're meant to be good for.


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