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Sticky lungs

I live in a family of asthmatics. Maddie (3) and my husband are severe. Lottie (5) is mild/moderate

I've always had mild asthma (Clenil and ventolin). However this year I've had 3 courses of pred which always does the trick.

I've been struggling with 'sticky lungs' recently. And feel that my lungs are sticky. I can't cough anything up and tend to feel worse in the morning and alot better as the day goes on. Ventolin helps with the associated breathlessness.

My husband doesn't get the sticky lung feeling so is this related to asthma or just something else? My two daughters are too young to express whether this is what they feel, although Maddie often sounds as if she has mucous on her lungs.


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Hmmmm I'm not sure whether my input will be any help, but I thought I'd add it anyway!!

Quite often I start the day feeling like my lungs are full of sticky gunk. I need to cough it up, and when I eventually do, I start to feel better. Sometimes I try to get it up by coughing and the clearance techniques I was shown by a physio, but nothing works and often I make myself gag with all the coughing! (I try to get it up rather than wait for it to move naturally as I know I'll feel less breathless, tight, etc once it's up). It's definitely worse in the mornings and improves as the day goes on. I've always assumed it was caused by asthma, my asthma is very variable and it never happens when my lungs are being relatively well behaved.


Thanks glitterdust for your reply. Sounds very similar.

It's almost as each breath I feel my lungs are sticking and then pop open and then stick together again for the next breath! Wierd!!

Thanks again x


Yes the excess mucus in the lungs is a symptom of asthma. Its worse in the mornings because the position of lying down means that fluid and mucus naturally accumulate in the lungs. It is better to cough it up rather than waiting for it to budge on its own. If possible spit out the mucus that is coughed into your mouth because otherwise it often irritates the lining of the digestive system (oesophagus and stomach mainly i think) this is what i have learned and been told by various doctors and physios anyway.


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