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Anyone know about pseudamonas infection?

Just wondered if anyone knows about pseudamonas?

Maddie has been given prophylactic antibs to treat ongoing, persistent symptoms of infection. There's been mention of pseudamonas but I don't really know anything about it. Maddie apparently is showing symptoms that mimic CF but her sweat test came back negative.

I'm stumped! Im desperate for an answer of why my little girl is so chronically ill but the answers don't seem to be there! Her tests are being repeated next wk.


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sorry its not much help, but i have found this for you

hope it can provide it little bit more info and your little one picks up soon!!



Thank you for your replies.

Maddie had a cough swab done and we are awaiting results. I spoke to the hospital yesterday and the nurse said they have results and she was waiting for the consultant to call me as it looked like Maddie would need treatment! Arghh! Nothing quite as frustrating as half a story hey!

I wasn't told what the cough swab tested for, just that they were looking for unusual pathogens. I don't even know what these are? Are they infections? Is there anything else a cough swab looks for?

Left in limbo at the minute, waiting for the phone to ring!!


Thanks B.

The hosp called. She has Haemophilis infection. Not totally sure what it is tbh so would b v grateful if anyone has any info. She's on antibs and being reviewed in hosp on tues. She still not well tho :-(

Anyone?? X


as with pseudonomas infections, haemophilus is a bacteria that does not cause problems in healthy individuals, but can cause problems in people with a weaker immune system, and even more so in children in this category. it can cause a variety of problems, including meningitis, arthritis, conjunctivitis, epiglottitis and pneumonia. presumably it is probably causing pneumonia for poor Maddie.

below is the address for the wikipedia info:

i hope this helps, and that Maddie gets the correct treatment and starts to feel lots better very soon. all the best.



Thanks so much Rose. X


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