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Pins and needles or similar anyone?!

Just wondered if any of you suffer with pins and needles or similar pains?

Maddie (3.5yrs) randomly starts screaming and holding a foot (has been either foot) and shouting that it feels funny and hurts! :-/ it's very sudden and seems quite severe as she never normally suffers from pain.

She has brittle asthma and adrenal insufficiency. Just wondered if it could be due to her asthma meds or her adrenal probs or just 'one of those things'?!


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Aw no not nice!! Hope it stops soon though!!

Random thought could it be cramp?? And becuase shes young she cant explain or express how it feels as the asthma meds would cause cramps (low potassium from sally etc)...i also know from own experience that when the adrenals are having a funny five minutes i can have pain in legs and feet.

Hope it doesnt go on for to long!! Massive hugs!!



From my own experience when my hydro cortisol is low and I'm in need of a dose (as my adrenal glands no longer work from asthma meds) I get similar pains in muscles particularly hands, feet and abdomen. Hope you get some answers soon and she is ok. x


Thank you both so much for reply.

We've been abroad for two weeks and amazingly Maddie has had v little salbutamol over this period. (we are elated to see her asthma ok at the min after such an awful month last month!) However, her adrenals produce zero cortisol now too, due to prolonged and high dose steroid treatment :-(. I did wonder if she was struggling adrenally at the moment to be honest. She randomly vommited while away and this is usually a warning sign with her. She is also soooooo irritable at the moment! :-/ Thanks Amanda for your experience re adrenals, I'm still a little new with the whole thing and find it soooo confusing! We are seeing her cons next wk so will mention it.


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