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New Here looking for help

hey all :)

Hope this is a good place to come for advice! I'm aware of the Ash cloud over the UK and i'm right in the north of england. Cant find much useful information on the internet about the cloud etc, but the last few days my asthma has been really bad.

My peak flow is still about average for me, but my chest is constantly got that tight feeling and breathing is an effort. Using my meds alot to try an ease the symptoms but they dont seem to ease.

I mention the Ash cloud cos got out the car today and could definatly smell the sulpher in the air.

Any advice would be appreciated :)

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Volcanic Ash

Hi Hotch,

There is another post/thread all about this a bit further down the board that may answer your questions, hope it helps



I saw the post about the Ash, my question isnt really about the ash i simply mentioned that in passing.

My question is more along my own symptoms.. Very tight, breathless all day, no releif despite persistant use of meds. what am i doing wrong? Peak flow is around normal for me.

Very worried, and the tightness and breathlessness is constant now.


Hi again,

If you're worried and your meds aren't working I would get checked out by the doctors (out of hours), just to be on the safe side, especially if the breathlessness is constant. Hope you feel better, keep us updated.

Take care


definatly breathless all the time.. feel very tight and breathless and have done all weekend. Back at work tommorrow if its no better i'll get out of work an go see my GP.


Seen the Dr

Just thought i'd give an update. Been to local walk in clinic and the Dr was amazing.

My BP is high, and temp is high. also said chest doesnt sound good. Back on prednisolone and amoxycillan just in case its a chest infection starting. under orders to take a day or two off work an take it easy.


Glad to hear you got checked out, hopefully the Pred and Anti B's will sort you out. Have a relaxing few days off.

Take care x


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