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(lost the plot) update on me!

right :( ive just typed out a long ish message and when it came to posting it my time had ran out and this sight logged me out :( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

any ways! i've not been on here for a while so thought i'll give you an update

i only found out i was asthamtic some point in this yr and so i was given the blue ventalin inhaler to be getting on with and to use as and when i need it but just recently i've been having to use it more offten and have been getting thrugh my inhalers too quickly so i went down to chat to my dr. he's not given me the qvar brown steriod inhaler to be taken 2 puffs at night and 2 in the morning and that should as it's a preventer rather than a relever and i should find that i use the ventalin a lot less than what i am doing.

so thats me (a lot less of a post that my last one was before i was logged out and lost all the post but bet your all glad about that! lol!)

right i got to go (not only need loo but want something to eat too! (tmi i know))

just thought i'll try make you laugh a lil!


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