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just been told i have asthma

hi just thought i'll come and introduce my self! i'm harriet and i'm 23 years old, i have a 1yr old lad that is my everything. i dont really have a hard job infact it's totally the oppersit to hard! i work 25hrs a week and when i'm at work my lads at minders of at nursery.

just recently i have been old i have asthma after doing peek flow tests for a week 3 times a day i went back to my doctor to see what he said and yup he said that i have asthma. so what now? i was had to go see a nurse so she could show me how to use an inhaler and that took of all like 5 mins! but i wasnt given any information about it or anything so have just been searching the web and came accross this sight which looks good. on top of being told i have asthma i just got a cold too so i think you can imagine what it's like at he moment for me! also a couple of months ago i was have real problems with breathing and everthing like that i was taken in to loughbrough walk-in clinic but they couldnt find anything wrong with me and told me to take 2 loratadine tablets (which are 1 a day so decided not to do that) but as my doctor was looking at my sympotoms and everything on the net work he said to me that it sounds like you were having an asthma attack. so it seems that i know what one of those is like! i wasnt given any thing other than the all clear and told to go home :-(

any ways i'm goin to have to go as my lad is being a grumpy so and so!

hope to hear from some one


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hey there harriet! Firstly, its a shame to hear of your recent diagnosis and your troubles at the clinic :(. and secondly, welcome to AUK, here i am sure you will make some good friends and recieve support from other sufferers.

if you need anything, just PM me


Hi Harriet

Sounds like you are having a pretty hard time at the moment, and how you were treated at the walk in clinic was really unprofessional, especially telling you to take 2 antihistammines in a day! I have had asthma for 9 years now and have also been fobbed off a few times by varies medics! anyway I hope you are feeling better now, what meds have they put you on?



Hi harrietjust got your pm but you are set not to receive pm's, but would love to reply.


Hi harrietjust got your pm but you are set not to receive pm's, but would love to reply.


Diagnosed Asthmatic

Hi Harriet,

I am at the same stage than you months ago, I have been diagnosed Asthmatic in Holidays abroad and when I went to see my GP he refused to listen to what the french doctor had diagnosed, he didn't do any test and just say i was stressed. if anybodyelse has had the same experience please let me know what you did.



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