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Feeling down

Have spent yet another weekend mainly asleep due to asthma being a pain. Just don't seem to be able to get the control back since the last attack 6weeks ago. Am running out of things to try pred is up, all other nebs are up, new antihistamine & nasal spray but still pf is only at 75% of what it used to be most of the time. Have no energy or stamina ,manage to drag myself into work each day (being threatened with disciplinary measures if I have any more time off) and then spend the weekend trying to recharge my batteries to start all over again. Have blamed problem on the weather, emotional issues, allergies but nothing can really explain why I can't get back to where I was. Consultant seems to think upping the pred is the only answer especially as pf are OK provided I don't exert myself. Am I expecting too much?

Does anyone else have trouble getting their asthma back under control? or have any suggestions of anything I can suggest to my consultant? I just need to know if this is normal particularly the lack of energy and feeling so tired.

Apologies for the moan, I'm trying to treat this seriously when I keep being told by work its just a touch of asthma and I don't feel I'm getting the support I need to resolve this. The asthma clinic seem to think because I'm in work things are OK but its the fear of losing my home etc which means I drag myself in each day.

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hi rabbit sounds like we in same boat at mo but struggling to get my pfs above 50-55% of best at mo but not on pred. like you i give everything i have at wrk in week then get home at night and just want to sleep. had to work on saturday as well so am knackered at mo just want to sleep. think tiredness hit me after hols so not sure if its coming back to work syndrome thats been going on for week and half or the fact needed nebs at airport after landed as didn't cope to well with flight or just that asthma is pain at mo. if find answer will let you know. My con has same idea that if you in work you obviously fine Aggggh! work would disagree prob especially manager but at least they are supportive.

sorry no suggestions at present just keep fighting.



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