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3 Easy steps to stroppy lungs!

1. Do a 10k reindeer run

2. Go to running club 3 days later

3. Do a 5k santa dash 4 days after that

Why do i do it to myself? My lungs really hate me at the moment. I did the santa dash this morning (did 5k in 32mins 39secs) then went to my friend's house for sunday dinner about 2.45. I love dessert - especially those made by katie but when it came to the pudding course i was looking at it thinking i couldn't co-ordinate my breathing to eat it :-( I had to have a couple of puffs of reliever just to eat cheesecake!! And i didn't finish it - unheard of! How ridiculous does that sound

I've spent the entire day coughing / struggling to breathe properly and with a voice that comes and goes :-( I'm being observed teaching tomorrow afternoon - just hope i can breathe / talk properly by then, but the way i feel right now i doubt it :-(

Sorry for the whinge, especially as it's all self-inflicted.

And they say exercise is meant to be good for you!!!!!!

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1. Stripping thick wallpaper with a steam machine is a sure fire way to bring on the shortness of breath and coughing fit. Think I gave grandson's other gran a bit of a fright.

Surprised at me wearing a Buff across mouth and nose. Explained the steamer was actually drying the air ahead of me. 'But its only steam, what could it do to you?' Interfere with my breathing. 'But..Steam? Its only hot water.' Yes, but I have asthma and that's why I had to rush off for a few moments there, to take my inhaler and get breathing under control. 'Ahh. In which case, I can do this. Go and have a seat.' If you're sure? 'Yes, yes.' Thank you.

2. Eating crisps while watching a comedy programme is another.

3. Insisting I'm fine when rushing for a train instead of stopping off and taking a puff of reliever. Almost gave my daughter the shock that time.

See? we all do daft things and still we wonder why we get breathless. Well done on the running. My running for a train isn't really on the same level.


Yep that is insane! Though I bet everyone on here has done similar - not necessarily the same thing but similarly insane and lung-affecting! If it helps at all my insane thing (well, most insane thing) was a long walk with people I didn't know and therefore felt obliged to try and keep up with, back in March. That was a BIG mistake for me at that time, but when I told my GP he said he might have done the same thing to try and get past it and test limits, so he didn't think I was completely crazy to have tried. (i think he was a little less positive about me going out for Bonfire Night, but restricted himself to making a face instead of telling me it might not have been the best idea with a cold).

At least you know why though probably not much consolation right now. Hope you feel better soon and your lungs don't hold grudges!


Thank you for the kind words

2 people have separately / independently commented on my breathing today - one just asked outright if i'm asthmatic, the other, i think half-jokingly said ""you sound like you need an inhaler!""

The observed lesson went predictably less well than i'd have liked. Partly didn't help that the lesson i'd prepared for being observed wasn't the one she actually came for - she came to the next one instead (not so meticulously prepared). In fact her first comment in the feedback was ""well it wasn't up to the grade 1 standard lesson i previously observed was it?"" Should've asked if she could deliver a grade 1 standard lesson whilst nearly every movement sets you off in a coughing fit (and that was after taking the inhaler about 10 minutes before the lesson started!)

One of my pupils actually said she'd had an asthma atack this morning but she seemed absolutely fine then. I made some general comment but really wanted to be sarcastic and say something like ""does it sound like i can breathe properly""

i've doubled my preventer and i'm taking the blue every couple of hours, i hope it settles down soon - no running club on wednesday night for me!!! (it's a horse riding week anyway, hope the lungs don't complain at that!)


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