More Madness

I've done a 10k run today!!!!

I was really impressed with myself actually, have done 2 previous 10k runs but this is the first time i've done it without stopping - i even managed to chat to one of the ladies from the running club as we went :-)

I did manage to keep breathing all the way round the race but it really hit me afterwards and when my friend and i went out for lunch we had 2 courses and each course was accompanied by lots of coughing and puffing - oops

Ah well i'm more or less breathing normally now (10 hours later)

Here's to the next one hahahaha

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  • thats absolutly fantastic news jinglfairy, heres to the next race!!!

    im praying for the days I can do this sort of madness...fansy passing it over this way for a little while?!


  • That's good news, well done

  • thanks asthmagirl :-)

    awww charlie i would if i could :-) i do enjoy this madness, though i've worked quite hard to get to this level. About 5 years ago i had trouble running for 1 or 2 minutes and NEVER thought i'd be running 10k

    Some photos from today - i'm the dalmation hahaha

  • congratulations!! i am very jealous as i am on an exercise ban from my cons (lol) as i tend to over do it to the extreme! last time i properly attempted exercise i ended up taking part in a rowing world record attempt that put me in itu ... i have no self control!!

    i hope you continue to enjoy and improve with your running!!

    B x

  • Wow, congratulations! i think you are slightly mad lol but that is very impressive especially given my current exercise tolerance. I hope you can continue to do more running.

    B, no wonder your cons won't let you exercise lol!

    Have my personal trainer session this Tuesday (see, I am a good person who is doing what the registrar told me - even if she did imply I have no life and need to get out more). I had to warn the PT guy about how pathetic my last exercise attempt was and I think he got offended at me apparently thinking he doesn't tailor things to his clients, but I knew if I didn't warn him he might expect me to be actually able to manage something approaching a normal workout right away - after all, I don't look (I hope!) like someone who finds the stairs a challenge.

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