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Asthmatic Choir

Lighthearted post this one ;-)

On a sunday morning before church i do a (at least) 4k run then at least 1k swim so i invariably end up coughing my way through mass.

I play my flute in church, Ann sitting next to me and Sue sitting next to her both play guitar and sing and we all sit on the front row of the 'choir'. Ann is a suspected though as yet undiagnosed asthmatic and Sue is also asthmatic.

This morning all 3 of us were in fine form coughing so Patsy and Bella on the 2nd row were laughing and skitting us and saying we were harmonising our coughing LOL I was joking saying you're only allowed to join our choir if you have a cough.

Fr Tom was leading the Mass this morning and he likes using the incense, with us sitting next to the lecturn it gets us more than it gets anyone else. Well the incense must've caught in Patsy's throat cos she started coughing as well. The 3 of us on the front row looked at each other desparately trying (unsuccessfully) not to laugh, and joking that Patsy wanted to join our exclusive club - consequently we all ended up coughing again hahaha

I do wonder sometimes what the congregation must think of the super-healthy choir hahahaha

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hehe! I'd like to join your choir, think I'm eligible on the coughing front. I remember my college choir once all had colds or similar and we all kept coughing madly during evensong every time there was a break - made me laugh as normally it's the congregation that does that!

I was singing in Lincoln Cathedral this summer and they were having a very high service with lots of incense which they decided to swing around near the choir while we were singing! Cue uncontrollable coughing ('My cough cough magnify cough cough and cough spirit cough God' etc etc lol). I'm not especially religious but when I do go to church unfortunately it tends to be in places with incense!

At least if you cough a lot it's convincing when you need to turn a laugh into a cough (atm this happens naturally).


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