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Asthma and Labour

I'm a newbie here so firstly- HELLO!!

I'm hoping to get pregnant with our first child this year and was just wondering how others coped with their asthma during labour and whether you were given any specific advice from your midwife? Exercise is a trigger for my asthma and am just a little apprehensive about controlling my asthma when I really need my breath?



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I found asthma and pregnancy very difficult with both my pregnancy's but I'm not going to frighten you with that but when it came to labour when I had my first child I was given an epidural straight away so I new nothing of the pain because I was'nt aloud to have any gas and air because of my asthma whether that is normal or not I dont now but because their was no pain it helped me control my breathing more inbetween contractions But with my second pregnancy I went into labour at home went to the hospital in plenty of time but couldnt have an epidural because of high blood pressure so had to cope with the pain and try and keep focused on my breathing and take ventolin when needed still couldnt have gas and air

But things are probably different with each individual and how they control their asthma mine has been bad for many years But after the second pregancy I was adviced not to have anymore

When the joyuos acassion happens for you try and book an epidural from the start for your piece of mind and I sure you will cope


A bit off topic. I thought that gas an air is ok for asthmatics. I was given it when I broke my leg and they knew that I have asthma. It did nothing for my pain anyway.


Hi Kelly and welcome.

I had gas and air for all 3 of my babies. My youngest is 4 and i had no problems with it. I just had to keep my ventolin with me and as long as the hospital staff are aware they are usually good at handling emergencies.(assuming you will have a hospital birth).

As for my pregnancies, my asthma actually improved as the hormones can make the asthma better. My serious problems only started last year so at the time of my pregnancies, my asthma was reasonably controlled.

If you are at all worried then talk to your GP and he/she will advise you and also your midwife(when you get pregnant) as im sure she will be very sympathetic and give you all the advice you need.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Let us know when it happens.




My ashtma improved when I was pregnant to the point I didnt need my inahlers. It varies form person to person

I had an epidural as my ashtma did cause a few problems during labour but once the epidural was in place I was a ok and as I took part in some research I had a doctor with me the whole time which was reassuring.

The midwifes are all very good and know what they are doing as long as they are fully informed.

Dont worry and enjoy. What I will tell you is the miracle that happens when you give birth makes it all worth while.


Hi Kelly,

I am proud mum to 5 children, so my experiences obviously didnt put me off !!! Like others my asthma improved during pregnancy although, during the latter stages i may have been a little more out of breath.....hard to tell when you resemble a barrage balloon anyway !!

As for labour, i didnt experience any problems at all. Nature is a wonderous thing and like you my asthma is exercise induced. I gave birth to all my babies with the help of gas and air without any problems. In fact i thoroughly recommend it !!!

My only advice to you is to concentrate on yourself and your baby, keep healthy, enjoy every moment and be rest assured that should you become wheezy etc during labour you are in the right place for them to deal with it.

Best Wishes and Good luck.

Cathy x


Gas and air is ok for asthmatics as far as I am aware. when I had the all over muscle spasm a while ago I was using loads of it and had no problems. As the spasm was caused by one of my asthma drugs and I was in one of my local hospitals they were well aware of my asthma.




I know abit about this due to my profession....

All the pain relivers are ok for asthmatics, gas and air, pethiidine( although this is a sedative and can depress the breathing) and epidural.

Your asthma will either get better, worse or stay the same! mine got better. Most women cope well with normal uncomplicated labour, your body is made to have babies.... asthma should not cause you any undue problems. If your asthma is severe or deteriorates during pregnancy you will be cared for by a consultant who will monitor your pregnancy and a medic to monitor your asthma.

If you take medication do not stop using it when your pregnant, if your worried you need to speak to your gp.

Truly x


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