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Does this sounds like asthma?

Hi, I'm new to here and hoping to get some advice. I'm 30 and had asthma since I was about 14 although I've been taking Becotide 2 puffs twice a day since then and its always been controlled, I've never really suffered from it apart from running to catch a train or something and getting out of breath, then I would take some ventolin and it was fine.

Suddenly for the last 2 months I've been suffering....pain in my chest, feeling breathless, little bit of cough, not really any wheezing. I'm getting panicked as I've never had this before, am bit stressed so don't know if I'm getting panic attacks/anxiety and mistaking it for asthma as I'm asthmatic or if my asthma is suddenly bad. Having to take Ventolin once or twice a day and doesn't seem to actually do anything to solve it. Only just realised I should take my peak flow after suffering like this for 2 months and getting very frustrated but my reading is 450-500 which is quite good for me, so I'm confused, is this asthma or just panic? GP has not been very helpful, just referred me to asthma nurse but asthma nurse is busy and I've been told she will contact me within 2 weeks to make an appointment! Breathing in is harder than breathing out and I'm getting it about every other day on and off, very strange. Can anyone give any advice? Thanks

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go and see ur doc, or if in dobt go hosp!


Does this sound lke asthma?

Hi there Lolly,

Please for the love of whoever, do not take this as gospel! But, it sounds similar to my asthma symptoms, especially at this time of year (I.E. when it's cold). I get chest pains which feel as though I'm being stabbed at the front and radiate through to my back. This usually means that my chest is clogged up and usually using my Salbutamol inhaler helps to clear that up. So, in my opinion, it may be a sign that your asthma is worsening.

I am concerned that GP has done nothing about it, given the fact that you have mentoned chest pains! I personally would be asking to see another GP for a second opinion. It also concerns me that your asthma nurse is making you wait 2 weeks when you are feeling so bad. But, we know how pressured the NHS are these days.

You do mention that you are suffering from panic attacks which as I know can appear the same as asthma attacks so it would make your symptoms more difficult to diagnose, but I do think that your medical professionals should take your condition more seriously, whatever the problem happens to be.

I hope you get it sorted out and that in some strange round about way my ramblings may have been of some assistance.

Take care



Hi David

thanks for your reply and advice. My GP did give me something for the panic attacks but not the asthma. I'm also wondering if it could be as I changed inhalers fairly recently from clenil modulite to quvar, its supposed to be better but doesnt feel like I'm getting enough medication from the inhaler. I'm going to go back to the doctors next week and insist on getting further help. Yes, its dreadful that I have to wait a few weeks for the asthma nurse!



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