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A childrens story book is about to hit the shops around September time

hi everyone,

Just thought I would introduce myself, I had a son called Luke who died August 2004 aged 11 he had a fatal asthma attack and I thought I would write a childrens' story book, don't worry it's not frightening, it does however have a sad ending but the basis of the story is to get children to take their brown inhalers even when they feel better so thats why I wrote the book.

it's called ""Best Friends Forever"" so if you or your child won't take their brown inhaler go and buy the book hopefully it will help lots of parents to teach their child to take their inhalers.

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Hi Julie - I am sorry to hear about your son. What a fabulous thing to do -writing a book - I hope it is a big success and helps other children to take their medication on a regular basis.



hi julie, i think this is really brave of you. could you put up the details of the book (author name, publisher, isbn etc) as there's a lot of other books with similar titles i just found online! if you don't have all the details till its closer to publication, then thats fine, just put them on when you have them? this sounds like a really good idea.


I admire your strength and compassion for other children who have asthma while dealing with your own grief over the loss of your son Luke. I hope this brings some peace in your life. I know this book will bring hope to many parents who face this situation. Thank you for caring. Will this book be available in Canada also?



Julie, so sorry to hear about your son Luke. What a wonderful thing to do to write a book to help other people.

Take care

Em H


Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about your son. Losing a child at any age is awful, I know. But to lose a child to asthma and at an age when they are starting to become more independent must be heart breaking.

What a wonderful tribute to your son,- writing a book to help others.

I will definitely buy some copies.




Childrens Book ""Best Friends Forever""

Thank you all for your kind messages and support, I have only just sent the book to the publishers, once I get a date for when the book will be available I will let you all know. I am also hoping to go around the UK to promote the book aswell as promoting Asthma Awareness.


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Every Mothers night-mare! My son has chronic severe asthma and his God-mother lost her son at 17 with asthma. I can only imagine the pain.

I admire you for giving ""some-thing back"". I will most definately be buying this book.

Take care



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