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Cardio and Asthma

Hiya. I started to do more cardio in the gym a few months back (with the nod from my friendly GP). I've built it up really slowly and although i'm no athlete I'm getting better. The thing is I get through a lot of ventolin to achieve this and on bad days I can't move around the house much at all let alone get down the gym.

So I'm wondering does anyone know if there is any evidence to suggest the more you work your lungs out with cardio exercise the fitter they become?

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about the issues with excercise and I too thought it makes sense that more cardio makes the lungs fitter, but that's not been my experience and I wanted to share my story. I joined kickboxing a couple of years ago and loved it but couldn't keep up with the cardio part (which was the 40 min warm up). No matter how many times I took my inhaler before, during and after the class the impact on my ability to keep up with others in the class really got me down and when I had bells palsy then a chest infection I finally admitted defeat and left after my red belt, black stripe. I would say that when I joined kickboxing I had just returned from a charity cycle trip in Cuba (where I constantly needed my inhaler to get up the hills and to cope with the humidity!) and I felt I was the fittest I had been in ages...I now try to go to the gym (although at the moment have a chest infection and flare up) and I try to avoid going out on cold nights and use the sauna a bit more. Good luck with everything and don't give up. It might be worth discussing at your next asthma check?



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