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Hiya, I was looking through some of the recent posts on here a few days ago and read somewhere that regular eye tests were recommended if using pred and nebs... So I thought to meself Id best pop along being that i havent had a sight test in about 17 years!!!!!

Anyway during the appointment the optician told me I should be having annual tests as steroids can do something to the lens and cause a higher risk of glaucoma and cataracts.... Dunno if anyone else has heard that & obviously I dont want to scare anyone, but I had no idea!!!! He found some sort of problem with my eyes anyway and is helping me sort it, but I had no symptoms and so no concerns I might need a sight test :-O

So thanks to the many people who contribute on the forum.. its great to share ideas and tricks as well as trauma and worries... my eye problem would have gone undetected until who knows when had it not been for you guys :) xx

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Yes I agree. I found out about Avamys here, which has really helped my son - lots of other things too. I really should have joined years ago, the only health professional to recommend it was an allergy consultant we saw last year. But what really prompted me to join was hearing about Samuel Linton, the young boy who died following failure of school to act when he was ill. That really shook me up. Anyway, I have told GP and son's consultant about AUK & forum and hopefully they will recommend it to other asthma patients.

It's also nice to know you are not alone.


I have annual eye tests and 6 monthly contact lens checks cos of nebs and pred - as recommended by opticians. Def worth the extra hassle if it helps prevent additional eye damage x


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