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Asthma & Work advice?!?!?!

Hi Guys,

I hate to do this when the boards have been quite upbeat recently, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help resolve my problemo!

I've had my asthma 33 years but last year I was particularly bad which resulted in me being off work and going thru HR and occie health... the resolution was that I would work from home when my breathing was bad. Well it took them a year to sort out that out and during feb and march I was able to use it twice to good effect. However mid april I became quite unwell(usual for me with grass pollen...i'm a nightmare atopic!) & when I said I would work from home my manager refused saying I had to take it as sick... my GP signed me off and I started the usual interventions to stabilise, however this week I have been well enough to go back and initially my manager said yes I definately could, then she changed her mind and told me as I was on antibiotics I wasnt allowed to work. I agree to a point but as this is the end of the second week of antibiotics and I'm really feeling so much better I want to get back to work! The GP even signed me back in for last monday and I havent explained to him yet that they wont let me in on antibiotics even tho he felt I was ok to get back!

I feel really upset about it all and quite cornered, they also keep making suggestions to me about what treatment I need and are unwilling to accept Im being treated at the BNF's stage 5 and that theres little else they can do at the moment. I have booked to go back into occie health, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice/suggestions as to how I can handle this?

Thank you if you've managed to stay awake to the end of this!!!! Hope your all doing ok :)

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I would get your union involved. Asthma is covered as a disability and your employer should make alterations to allow u to work. If despite these alterations ur still of sick they can terminate your contract under capability act. This is where u need the unions help it seems that ur managers are back tracking on the alterations and agreements made. Also contact occy health they can pass u fit for work indoing this management should follow there recommendations otherwise u got a case against the management being obstructive in your employment..,,,

Under capability act. Occy health may do a work assessment. To see what jobs you can do and wot jobs u can't. If they do an assessment. and ur unable to do the role they can end hour contract , so Tell them u can do the job by allowing changes to the role.


Good advice gussypoo! I have spoken to both union and occie health this afternoon so hopefully they'll be able to fight my corner :)


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