asthma and general anaesthetic

hi all,

i am having a operation next week where i will be going under a general anaesthetic. am really worried about the anaesthetic affecting my chest. anyone been under before and how has it gone


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  • hi

    had no problem going under done it a few times.good luck Glynis xxx

  • I too have had several ops even with Brittle Asthma, on the last one they had me in the night before and gave me plently of meds prior and after it and I was fine, even when that has not happened it has been ok and usually advised to take vent prior to going down.


  • thanks guys....havent been under a general anaesthetic since i was a child so am quite nervous. i have got an appointment with my asthma nurse on monday and she is going to give me the once over before weds.

  • thanks just a bit nervous. will be ahving my asthma check with my asthma nurse on monday to make sure i am in tip top shape for weds

  • When I went in they had a consultant ITu dr looking after me.... gave me nebs and steriods beforehand and when they woke me up they took the tube out whilst i was still in deep sediation to avoid spasms

  • thanks glynis,

    just want to get it over and done with now.

  • prior to your surgery the anaesthestist will do an assessment, will explain his treatment plan and risks of anaesthetic for you, they usually give you medication prior to surgery to help the asthma, following the anaesthetic you may find yourself coughing a bit more. your reliever usually enough to resolve this.... i suggest you write down questions so when you see the anaesthetist you can ask them ..

  • Been under twice with no problems.Will be going under again next year to get my wisdom teeth out

  • thank you all for your replies. they have been really helpful. my asthma is usually pretty well controlled so i should be fine. i have already warned them that i cannot have anything with ibuprofen in so they are aware of this.

  • Debs - found another one! Bumped up for you!

  • Take your inhalers along with you and show them to the Doc with the gas and the injections - lol.

    No, seriously, take them along as the anaesthetist will just want to check things with you. The anaesthetist may tell you to take a puff of one or of both - preventer and reliever.

    Otherwise, enjoy and wake up feeling really chilled and relaxed.

    You are going to be in safe hands and you may well find that you breathe much better for several days after the op.

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