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Weather in Berkshire

Hi. I've just registered and am wondering if anyone else is feeling the affects of their asthma today. I live in Reading, Berkshire and feel like I've an elephant on my chest today!!! Am really annoyed because it's the first proper day of the summer holidays and I don't have the energy to play with my boys and can't face the walk to my local supermarket!! Have taken my Seretide and 8 puffs of my Ventolin today and I've a peak flow of just over 200. Haven't really suffered with my asthma until approx 2 years ago and still can't get used to it. It's a tad wet and miserable here and am wondering if I feel like this because of the change in the weather??!!

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welcome dawnieb1971.

The weather is causing lots of us on here problems like a nellie elephant on

our chests and breathless etc.

Would recomend you get a check up if your pf is still low as you might need a

add on medication.

love Glynis xxx


Yep Ellie is a frequent visitor to my chest atm too.

I know what you mean though, had to wuss out and drive the less-than-a-mile to the shops today, couldn't deal with the kids running amok, Ellie on my chest AND a walk to the shops!!


Hi all, I live near Worcestershire and same here very muggy weather, Im exactly the same, breathless for no real reason, keep yawning aswell feel like there is no decent air about to breath !

I think most of us will be suffering at the mo, not fair is it, we suffer in the winter and summer.. no let up ! xx



Today I went to asthma clinic at hospital and was told the weather is affecting alot of asthmatics.



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