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Phone app to record peak flow

Just thought this may help some people. I have downloaded an andriod app for my phone that helps you reocrd your peak flows readings. I am useless at writing it down and found this was so easy to do and I have been using it for the past month. It always charts your flow, allows you to set med reminders and does a variety of other things, My asthma nurse and doctor loved it too as it shows 4 different charts.

The app is for andriod called asthma check (~ its blue and white) I don't know if there is the same for an apple/itunes app!

Hope this is of use, Gill.

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where did you find it? Would like to download it too.


For Apple users, there's the AsthmaMD app (thanks TJ).

Still has some bugs to iron out but generally pretty good - one of the features I like is that you can tell it your best PF reading so it calculates 'zones' based on your best, not your predicted. It also lets you add symptoms and considers these as important as the PF readings - for instance if your PF reading is in 'well but symptoms are in 'worse' or 'critical' it goes on the symptoms and puts you in the lower zone. It also has a notes section so you can add more details to the symptoms.

Only problem is I don't understand the PF chart at all - it doesn't seem to bear any resemblance to what I put in and you can't seem to get one which generates the usual 'pattern' (does averages etc). My cons doesn't understand the charts either but is happy for me to keep using the app for my PF readings - he just looks at the diary entries instead.


shame I have a nokia n8 so it wouldn't work for me, grr. Hope everyone is ok. good find on the app though


\it depends what phone you have. I have a Samsumg so I went into the market place on my phone and just searched for asthma. Great app and free.

PM me if you need any other help.

I also tried Asthma MD but i much prefer this one.


You can get ones to use on your computer as well I think - not as handy as the phone ones maybe but could be an idea if you can't find an app.

I have the AUK paper one but afraid I find it not much good! Don't know if AUK has anywhere to provide feedback on that? It just doesn't have nearly enough space - hardly enough for medication, nowhere to write notes, and only room for 2 readings per day, when my cons wants me to take a reading any time my breathing is especially bad as well as the twice daily ones.


Just thought i would also add...i added an app to my phone (also samsung) called emergency and all that it has a picture of me, my dob, who to contact in an emergency, my health needs, allergies, list if meds with doses and times to take, space to add gp and cons details and a few others....the app is free and i got mine on my main homescreen so can be easily accessed...and it has been used by the paramedics who have said it is a fantastic tool as they could fill in their forms with no hassle and i could try and breathe and not talk...result all round.



I've been using Asthma Check for a couple of weeks now. I use it just for peak flow readings although it will track inhaler use and alert for repeats.


I am using Asthma Pulse application for recording my peakflow etc this is for the Apple I phone, I have found it very good and useful.


Charlie_warlie, what's the app called as there seem to be lots of different ones?

This would be sooooo handy for those times the men in green are trying to get info from me and I can't talk!!!



I should point out that Asthma UK has been involved with the creation of an Android app, called ""My Asthma Log"" - although it is aimed more at children and young people. You can download it from Google Play (it's free) here:


I'm looking for a replacement for AsthmaMD but all these seem to be either not Apple at all or iPhone but not iPad!

AsthmaMD is ok but the chart is just weird so you can't really see at a glance how things have been. The cons was puzzled and so am I - basically if you enter a 'green' PF but 'yellow' symptoms, it will record the actual PF in the diary but on the chart will show an 'average yellow' value, so if I do actually blow a 'yellow' PF which matches the symptoms it looks like my PF's gone up instead of down! Plus the rest of the chart looks like a straight line...weird.

Any suggestions? The paper one is dead to me lol. Nowhere near enough space.


Hi, has anyone used this one? (usual waming, remove spaces when pasting).

Any recommendations welcome! I got confused by the store, they list some as iPhone only and when you look you realise they're not.


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