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Just wondering if anyone can help??

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I'm a 16 year old female asthma sufferer who has recently just passed a selection for a 5 week long expedition to Alaska! where I am doing canoeing and trekking across 3 national parks :) this was such a big thing for me and I am sooo happy!

HoweverI need to raise over £2000 to be able to go, I am busy trying to fundraise, but it is a lot of money to find. Was just wondering wether anyone knew of any good trusts/ charities to write off too?


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My 15 year old has been fundraising for a year to go to Thailand. She has made jam (loads and loads of it) and sold it to friends/families/extended families friends and workmates. She has had stalls at village/town fetes/fairs etc doing tombolas/raffles (not just traditional tombola, also pick a card - every card wins a prize (some prizes tiny). She has raised about £700 so far doing this and saving hard all birthday/Christmas and pocket money.

Youth Opportunities fund is another possibility to apply to, if you google it for your area you should come up with the contact info.

Might be worth contacting your local newspaper to see if they would give you publicity for a sponsored event to raise funds?



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