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Having a bad day

Well i am proper down today, my chest is doing my head in. Coughing and wheezing so much, all i wanna do is get dress with out struggling to breathe.

My friends just don't understand, wanting me to go out even when i am ill. i wish i could just party all night but what they don't see is the afterward effect it has, not just the hangover but the breathing and admissions to hospital. Sometimes i just wanna give up, fighting just to do the smallest of things.

Its just not fair

Sorry for the rant

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Sending you a virtual hug! I think i can vouch for every1 when i say, we all hate lifes little challenges that gets thrown at us, stay positive though, youll get through it, its what makes us who we are! Xxx


Sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx

look forward to better days when you can do something you like

help keep your chin up .

love glynis xxx


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