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hay all

hay my name is emma and i have life threatening asthma, i have bben in hospital 47 times this year ( not far from my record of 167 last year) my attacks are really bad most of the timei end up in ITU, in april this year i was place on a venterlater for the first time it was really scary. i dont get out the house much and dont have many friends so i came on here to make friends with peep that understand what life is like for me and to have someone to speak to when i need hlep or advisce. 1 good hospital stay this was to have my portacath place at least now its not a hundard times to get iv access YEA. ANY1 WANNA TALK HERE MY ADDY ON MSN <e-mail address removed by moderator>

thanks emma

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Hi Emma,

Welcome to Asthma UK, just a brief note to say that I've had to remove your e-mail address from your post. The Terms and Conditions state that we do not allow people to include e-mail addresses or MSN addresses in their posts - this is to protect you from spam e-mail.

Em H

(Forum moderator)


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