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snake oil or alternative therapies

hello im the husband of someone who is currently having probs with her astma,shes been to her resp specialist yesterday and seems to be having a bad time today feeling unwell and genrally having what she calls a sort of attack feeling most of the time,anyway ive been reading the postings on here and wondered if anyone has tried out other stuff that seems to be out there .i know from other conditions that im familiar with that there are people who will claim to cure anything for a fee but has anybody tried anything that works?. i see salt being mentioned as an alternative on the net.hope i havent gone on too long and not sure if its in the right group,guess someone will shout, thanx

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A yoga instructor I know said a friend of hers suffered for years with asthma, but after doing yoga for a year or two now no longer gets any symptoms, I suspect its the breathing thing again, rather than any of the positions, but she did show me a book that listed a few positions recommended for asthma, i'm not so sure as I already do most of them during pilates, which I'd done for a while, and have since developed asthma.

The salt things are usually the neti pot or Neil Med sinus rinse devices, both claim to work. I tried a test kit for 5 days of the sinu rinse, only had to pay P&P, and actually I think it did work.

hope ur wife feels better soon


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