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i went to see my consutant today (a nice man).he looked at my pf chart and then listened to my chest and said i think you have got asthma!!!!!.he said we will get your asthma under control first and then find out what your triggers are .

he has put me on some tablets to go with my inhalers i think he said they where called singulair or something like that and to take antihistamines,he has wrote to my gp telling him what going off but he said it will take two weeks for my doctor to get the letter,so ive got to wait untill then to try the tablets,so ive got at least two more weeks of poop!!!!! but then things will get back to norm,fingers crossed

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Regular antihistamines and singulair is a life-saver for a lot of us. Which antihistamines does the con recommend? I take Citirizine 10mg twice a day and piriton when I get a bad reaction on top. Did he tell you singulair doesn't work straight away.

Ange xx


D58 singular are great I now have lost my morning dip apart from at mo I also have same anti histimines as angela on topof inhalers. Be aware that singual take about 1 month to kick in before you notice a difference. Good luck


Hi D58, I agree - singulair has definately made a great improvement to my symptoms. There are several strands on singulair if you look back through the medical boards if you want to know a bit more about or look over previous conversations about it. I also take anti histamines, but take loratidine instead of citirizine.

Did you say you can't start singulair for 2 weeks until your GP gets the cons letter or am I reading that wrong?


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