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fed up

im sooooooooooo!! soooooooooooo! fed up,i feel like poop today and as the day goes on im feeling worse.why is it when you try and explain how you feel to your family they just dont understand,yes its not very nice not being able to breathe properly,but not being able to play with my kids at times or not being able to hoover up (i mean how stupid is that) i just want to go back to how i was about 10 weeks ago,why did i get asthma? and what did i do wrong? well that feels a bit better!!! sorry 4 moaning.

from a very fed up d58

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Dont worry d58, one thing you will notice on here is that your not alone, asthma is a very scary diagnosis and when your under just your GP i feel they are not equipt enough to tell you all you need to know and not just the medication side. Asthma affects your whole life and its a big change going from a normallly active stage to a not so or totally in active state and this usually occurs quite quick, which you seem to have found. I and many of us on here still get down and still think back to how are lives were pre asthma but you just need to sit back give yourself time to adjust and you will, and take things one step at a time.Once your undercontroll you may well get back most of your life that you miss but if not like us mob you learn to make the most of life. Dont get me wrong we still have are moans and why me moments but as you grow more aware in in control these times will get less.

It does help to talk things through though so maybe youneed to go back to your GP or asthma nurse and explain how your feeling because they are there to help.

Hope you feel beeter soon

Love Andrea xxx


Know how you feel d58. Over the last few weeks I have frequently wished I could turn the clock back a year. I am still working but getting less and less energy. Even today I fell asleep in my lunchbreak and a colleague had to wake me. I get home at the end of the day and want to do nothing. Feeling very sorry for myself tomight in particular. We're supposed to be going to a wedding on Saturday but i am really scared to go. Being with a lot of people, flowers and perfumes is not a good combination. May just dose myself up full of antihistamines and ventolin and hope for the best. Fed up of having to say no to going certain places or visiting certain friends because of their pets etc.



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