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Sore ribs but no 'attack'

Sorry, another post...

Just wondering if anyone else gets this other than after an attack? They've been unhappy for a few weeks but stepped up yesterday and have been bothering me sitting/moving etc. Not really sharp pain but more sore/aching round the back/sides and sometimes pain in between shoulders, and sometimes slightly sharper at the front near the bottom/just under bra.

Also have 'chest pains' but did a little before anyway so not been worried that they're signs of anything major, just curious to know if I'm the only one (plus I mentioned chest pains - which may also be my weird spinal problem in disguise but I can't tell - to cardiologist on Monday and sore ribs at bronch this morning when nurse saw me rubbing them and no-one seems that worried about it). Just wondering why they suddenly increased as I haven't been doing anything different that I could see that would have caused it.

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If in any doubt - see a doctor asap. Just to ensure nothing serious is going on.

Hope you feel better soon!


Sorry to bump! Just wondering if anyone can advise.

Used search box to look for posts on this topic before I posted it. Nothing that answered my question. However, afterwards I saw something and now wondering if it is just brought on by coughing, though still not sure why it should have suddenly got worse last Wednesday when have been coughing for months and had sore ribs for weeks...weird.

Anyway, while I don't think it is anything major or something would have happened by now, am just wondering whether GP would be able to give me advice on how to calm it down, or if I should just put up with it and apply heat or something. Feel more and more like total hypochondriac given what's happened recently with appts and tests but this rib pain is annoying if not the worst ever, and wondering if I can at least get rid of that or calm it down.

Think things are getting to me, am starting to wonder if I am just somehow creating all these symptoms...

Sorry for rambling, thanks for any advice.


Sorry I can't advise on your specific situation as I do get the rib pain but only after an attack when my chest is tight.

Just wanted to say though that I really sympathise with the feeling of being a hypochondriac and thinking you must be bringing on your symptoms. I have experienced exactly the same over the last few days and the only thing that reassured me was having a neb which made me feel loads better and improved my PF - which surely wouldn't happen if I was making the whole thing up. Sorry not really much help but wanted you to know you're not alone.


Philomela, I've bumped up an old thread on the subject of rib pain - there are lots of causes for chest pain though (some serious) so it's best to get checked by your GP. Hope that helps.


Thanks Ginny, ended up replying on the thread you bumped, oops! Think I will go to GP, at least she might have something to help even if it's not serious. Somewhat in limbo now, though waiting for some heart tests after deeply frustrating cardio appt last week which I will try not to moan about any more! So if anything heart related perhaps will show up there.

Sppokymilo, thanks for your reply, it is good to know I'm not alone! Sounds like your asthma has been getting worse recently so I hope you get that under control. I did sympathise with your post about OOH as the one time I went the dr was nice and sympathetic but I did feel like I was making a fuss about nothing so know the feeling of coming away feeling rubbish but like a bit of a time waster even if you did the right thing asking for help.


EMIS is great!

Sorry for more from me, just wanted to say how much I love the EMIS system for booking appts!

Have booked an appt with my usual GP 9am tomorrow morning - amazed I got one that soon, I used the EMIS online system so didn't have to wait for surgery to open tomorrow morning and didn't even have to ask for urgent appt to get one at that time. I wasn't planning to ask for urgent appt anyway - more concerned about work especially given have other appts in work time - but glad it's soon and with GP I prefer seeing and who has been dealing with me over this whole thing.

If your surgery has this system register with them to use it!


Have just registered to use mine. Only shows one GP and locums/registrars? Need to ask them about that as should have a lot more choice. Very handy for repeat prescriptions too and can put messages with them if needed.


Yes, I order my repeats and ask for them to be sent to whichever pharmacy I want in the city centre (I live there and surgery is there). Very handy!

Should def. have more choice of doctors. With mine you can see all surgery times and book appts with any of the drs except one - for some reason with her you have to phone. Can't use system to book nurse appts or appt with locum/registrar - only seems to show main drs. Maybe a surgery thing with yours? Def worth asking, not as good if you can't use system to get your usual GP!


Will ask them when I ring to tell asthma nurse have started pred. over the wkend. Usual GP has gone off on maternity leave rather suddenly, not seen many others yet. Does seem to be some good docs though and one has a specialist interest in respiratory.


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