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Steroid resistant asthma

Anyone know about this? Just because my GP has mentioned I seem to be rather unresponsive to steroids, although this is probably not quite the same as a full-on 'diagnosis' of steroid-resistant asthma. Currently the only thing I respond to is montelukast, and Ventolin some of the time.

I've done some googling and while this is not the most precise way of finding things out, I get the impression that most people who are steroid-resistant tend to have very severe symptoms and a lot of hospital admissions - luckily this is not me, I just seem to have trouble getting control over the moderate symptoms I do have. So bit confused...

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Just had a very similar conversation with my asthma nurse. It was about atrovent inhaler which has helped the most, steroids not as much as expected as am on Seretide 500 i.e. max licensed dose and prednisolone effect not longlasting. Not sure about steroid resistant asthma either as also not had hospital admissions.


Hmm, I am not alone! Wonder if I should mention atrovent to my GP - it's an anticholinergic I think so not steroids, maybe it would work for me too if doubling the montelukast isn't enough.

The articles did say 'mostly' patients are severe and have multiple hospital admissions, but now I think about it, unless I'm missing something there's no reason that has to be the case surely - if underlying symptoms are not so serious but steroids don't control them surely this is still steroid-resistant? It's just a lot more noticeable and nasty if the symptoms are bad to start with.


Hi Philomena

I am on a fairly low dose of Seretide but since I started on it haven't been clear of infections so don't really know if its working or not, however the antibiotics and then Pred didn't help either so I have had to sit it out for about 4 or 5 weeks to get better by itself. I am finally back at work now. The Pred just kept me awake really and I didn't think it helped me to feel any better at all. I've never had a hospital admission due to asthma although got close to it recently when nearly blacking out from coughing.



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