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If that's the right word for it - just wonder if anyone has been referred to a consultant in another area by their consultant, and whether it works essentially the same way as if you were referred by GP. Saw resp. cons. last week and she says I need to see a cardiologist as well because of overly fast pulse rate - just wondering if it will take ages to come through.

She also gave me a leaflet on bronchoscopy which she said was 'so you know about it if I ring you and say we're going to do one'. No idea though if will receive letter for that, or just call, or neither if they decide not to. Kind of feel a bit like have been left hanging as no idea when/if to expect results (also of lung function tests) and follow-up. Probably just me being impatient though and also forgetting to ask in appt! I always forget to ask that kind of thing. Next appt with resp. cons. is not till August!

Sorry, feel like am becoming obsessive but find it hard not to think about when I can't ignore breathlessness.

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Had it happen to me.My asthma consultant sent me see a cardiologist and had scan and wires.Did show something but not enough for treatment.My asthma consultant told me wait 4 weeks after scan then ring his sec to see if got results and if so book in to see him and took it from there and alterd asthma meds xxx


Thanks for reply Glynis. Not sure what's happening with my appts - was immediately booked back in for August but no idea if they had results by then (given the speed I suspect they were just slotting me in and it wasn't in response to anything in particular).

Really wish I'd been a bit more proactive and got them to tell me what happens next! I'm pretty impatient and don't like not knowing.


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