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Slightly scary experience - anyone else on montelukast found this happens?

So I forgot to take my (double dose) montelukast yesterday evening - d'oh!

tbh had been feeling not so great anyway, but really felt pretty SOB this evening, could feel that I was breathless talking though not sure it was noticeable and was REALLY struggling on the walk home, slowed right down and definitely sounded quite breathless (worried my housemate!), and chest felt tight.

Luckily the Atrovent seems to have more or less sorted it, or at least taken me out of 'oh c**p do I need to do something?' territory! But was thinking - miss ONE day of montelukast and that happens? Scary! Or just coincidence? Has anyone else found they get worse quite quickly after missing/stopping? It didn't take long to work but one day missed doesn't seem enough for things to go down the spout!

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Hiya :) I've had the same experience when I've missed my dosage, it was awful so it's one night time meds I now never miss



I'm new to montelukasts and I had let it run out as I didn't know whether it was doing anything for me anyway. But now that I think about it I did get ill after, didn't see the link then but I'm back on it now anyway. Thanks for the head's up!! Very good to know these things. xx


If miss night-time puffs (2) of Symbicort, has that effect the next day. Strangely, missing the morning's two puffs makes not a lot of difference.


Odd..maybe it's something about the night! I always take my montelukast at night anyway.

Have to say I got worse when I DID remember to take the Symbicort during my brief trial! That stuff really does not agree with me...


Slightly Scary

Hi just read your post on montelukast Tablets (Singulair), I noticed you mentioned double dose. Montelukast I was given to understand was a single tablet Dose, however the replys you got mentioned Symbicort which is Budesonide/formoterol fumarate dihydrate which is taken as a bouble dose so im not 100% sure which it is being discussed. I also take both of these and I often wondered about the effectiveness of montelukas untill I stopped taking them thinking they did nothing and guess what my asthma went out of control by the end of the next day, believing this to be coincidence I tried it again about a month later and the same happened so now I take it with out fail.

Although it was an interesting experiment If I did the same with any of the meds I take I tended to get a similer result.

Keep well


Hi Drew,

Thanks for your reply - it does seem it doesn't take long for Montelukast to stop working if you forget!

I was talking about montelukast yes, which I take in a double dose as advised by my GP (because not much seems to work for me and it was all he could think of). I'm also on Intal and though it wasn't great when I ran out on a Thursday evening and had to wait till the following week to get more, it wasn't as immediate or as noticeable a reaction as missing the montelukast for just one day was!

But someone did mention Symbicort which I didn't seem to have a great reaction to when I tried it - it actually made me worse!


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