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My lungs and the machine

No, this is not some kind of weird tribute band...

Just had a letter today from my consultant saying 'really sorry but your lung function results were so weird I think there might have been a technical error, could you please come and do the tests again?' (She didn't quite put it like that but that was the gist).

There go 2 more bus fares, this had better be worth it. Anyone else ever had this? I did wonder at the time because most of the results were in the 90s (low, for me, they're usually over 100) but one was 52%! That was the one lying down, and she made me do it again sitting up to see if the machine was working properly, which it apparently was because it was much better sitting up.

So basically either I have really weird lungs or I create havoc with machines.

Just sharing really as it amused me and no-one else is going to find it amusing.

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my mum is like that. She has her own chaos theory around her


I don't have anything to help but do like Amanda's comment ;)

Really not helpful though.

Could ask them to bring the tests to you, more stable in a comfortable environment!!


Hehe, thanks guys. Was just sharing really as I thought it was funny but only really to people on here. I'm getting a bit post-happy but don't use up my talking quota during the day at work!

I like your comment too Amanda, personal chaos sounds good (though hopefully not too much for you as you look after your mum).

As does VIP lung function service, though they won't be willing to provide that if I go and mess up their machines again!


i try to make people laugh. I dont know really as i dont know much about the tests they can do.

I do belive in one thing, and thats unless its the machine thats playing up if they want to spend the money on the tests let them i keep telling my mum that


Thanks Amanda, making people laugh always good :)

Went for repeat tests today, so knackered now! I think the physiologist was worried I was going to collapse on the floor as I was pretty breathless, but I made it home in one piece (was told to 'put my feet up and have a cuppa'). Apparently this set made a bit more sense, I wasn't taking the breaths in right last time or something and this time he had to try a couple of different ways to get it to work.

Basically I just cause chaos! But had forgotten that these tests are hard work.


i always forget how hard work these darn tests are, they more hard work than sitting proper theory exams! lol



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