Just thought I should share something positive...as I'm usually moaning lol

I went to the gym today and managed to do half an hour without feeling horrendous afterwards and having to drag myself home! This was with lots of inhaler help of course.

It was a very light half an hour but still - thanks to my free personal trainer session I managed not to half kill myself on the machines as usual, just stuck with gentle 5 mins on bike machine to warm up and down and the exercises he showed me. Got a little dizzy and SOB but much better than usual and I managed to go to the library and supermarket afterwards then have a sensible work call. Usually after going to the gym I'm practically crawling home to bed because I don't know what to do or when to stop.

Anyway...just thought I would share. :) Feel like if I can do it at the moment then it's not as massively hard as I thought it might be.

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  • That's such good news, I'm pleased uve had such a 'good lung day'!!!

    Must feel good to do a bit of normal stuff! Lol


  • my goodness philo! well done! *smiles*

    i couldnt hope to do half hour in the gym and shopping and the library all in the same day. today it was hard enough taking a 10min walk to get a food package together for a family who are in quarantine becuase the little one has scarlett fever.

    havent a hope of doing housework ie bed change or putting dry washing away, will have to leave it all til tomorrow.

    very very well done for not overdoing it. very brave to attempt gym. my hat is off to you!

    take care and hope you dont suffer later because of trying to do ""normal"" stuff. xx ><>

  • Thanks guys! I am quite surprised that I managed all that - especially since I was really dizzy getting out of bed this morning. It's actually more the dizziness/fatigue than the breathing specifically that stops me a lot of the time and I've been quite dizzy for days so it was a pleasant surprise not to stagger out of the gym. Crossed fingers lungs etc are not biding their time lol

    Think that personal trainer really helped - I so wish I could afford him as he's worked with asthmatics before and I think he'd be really good for me, but isn't happening when I already pay the gym sub (which I have to say is a motivator lol - if I didn't try to go I'd feel bad). It really does help to be shown something I can do as I failed to manage the 'rookie' workout last time and was pretty much on the floor.

    Spiritedstream, hope you feel at least slightly better soon - I do remember that feeling as I was like that before montelukast, the shortest walk was an effort. I could never have even attempted today 6 months ago, half an hour's shopping would be almost beyond me. But very thoughtful of you to take a food parcel - sounds very Victorian somehow, scarlet fever and quarantine! I hope the little one recovers soon - not fun though I believe not as serious an illness as it was once.

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