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Strange episode

I hope this doesn't breach T&C but I don't think it's in any way urgent and as ever if I thought it was I would get help asap.

I have this weird dizziness that I'm on medication for, more or less controlled most of the time though the medication wears off after a bit. I thought it might have started to do it this week, but was feeling mostly ok. Then went to a talk yesterday evening and about halfway through suddenly started to feel really unwell, thought I was coming down with flu (even after flu jab!) as felt a bit like that. Also had the same vague 'dizzy' feeling I get at other times, vaguely nauseous, tingling hands and my vision started to go dark (I think I might have fainted if I'd been standing up, not sure though). After about 15 mins of me wondering if I'd have to somehow leave, it more or less stopped and I felt ok again. Not brilliant though and I haven't felt great today (have contemplated leaving work).

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar? It does feel vaguely like one of those annoying viruses, except that the thing yesterday which I thought would lead to me crashing out in bed didn't last! I emailed my GP (we do email, he said it's easier than me coming back and forth all the time with asthma and this other thing though of course I can still see him if I want). No reply yet, have booked in to see him on first available appt (Wednesday).

However, am not really sure whether I need to (if it's a virus, no point really) or if I should be seeing someone sooner. I realised afterwards that it sounds rather like a panic attack, but I wasn't at all panicky or anxious and oddly enough my chest was behaving itself, wasn't even hyperventilating!

Anyway sorry for really long ramble...just wondered if I was the only one or if I ought to be seeing someone sooner than Wednesday (not urgently though...feel a bit like a hypochondriac)! Thought of ringing NHS Direct for advice but they are always hyper-cautious and will probably just send me to OOH whether I need it or not.

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Philomena, I hope your GP gets back to you before Wednesday and can help. If this keeps happening you probably need to get an emergency appointment, if possible. One thing that has occurred to me, though, is that you've mentioned dizziness before and I wonderif any of your meds list this as a side effect. If you haven't checked it might be worth taking the time.

Look after yourself.



Hi Annista,

Thanks for reply - yes, I will do if it happens again, just feeling vaguely unwell atm though, no more 'episodes'. I did wonder about the meds too (specifically the anti-dizziness ones, ironically - they're mostly used for nausea and can cause dizziness). Checked the leaflets though and nothing like this, plus I've not been on the same ones for asthma or anything else since it started, always shifting around trying to find one that works! For quite a while with it I was on nothing at all.


I should have known it wouldn't be that easy! Take extra care, though, if you're out and about over the weekend cos the minute you start looking groggy someone will call the men in green and you'll be at A&E before you can blink!



lol no, it never is that easy with me! I'm sure Dr House would be delighted to meet me as I don't do 'classic' with anything.

Hoping I don't get captured - would be a first time and A&E at the weekend I think is not a good place to be. Though no-one I was with last night even noticed my strange 'turn' (decided not to tell them after I stopped feeling like I was going to have to somehow leave the talk). Maybe some sleep will sort it...


Hmm, no forrarder. GP replied to my email yesterday - I asked about switching back to the first medication I was on as this one is not working now and he said 'don't know if it would work as I don't know what's causing the dizziness, but worth a try'. No more odd episodes but still feeling dizzy (as is normal when the medication isn't there/isn't helping). He is meant to be sorting a referral and emailing me about it but has been a few weeks since he mentioned this and nothing yet - hopefully this will remind him (think he's pretty busy though).

Sorry, realise this doesn't really have anything to do with asthma (at least I don't think so). Just another annoyance though I know it could be worse.


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