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Consultant appt booking


Just wondering about booking appts, and if anyone here has seen a consultant at the Churchill in Oxford?

I've been moaning a bit about this elsewhere (sorry!) but I am still waiting for my letter from them and it's going to have been 4 weeks from the time I was referred before I even get a letter. I couldn't book with Choose and Book as they had no slots so it was passed to dept. Had various issues like GP letter getting delayed (she forgot to send it, then it didn't get through then they got millions of copies at once) and have rung them a few times because I didn't know what was going on (I know they must be very busy and probably hate me because I've rung them several times but if they say 'we'll ring you back Monday or Tuesday' it would be nice if they actually did ring - feel like I have to keep chasing and get given conflicting information about what's happening!) Now they say they're still looking for an appt slot as they don't seem to have any free.

I know they must be incredibly busy up there and there's often a wait for these appts anywhere (plus I don't know how serious I am - it feels horrible but doesn't mean I can't wait from their POV) but just wondering if this is pretty standard? (I've been referred to general resp clinic as GP isn't 100% sure it is asthma).

I'm asking because when I was referred to the Royal London last year (I was living in East London then) with just SOB, no cough and not so bad, it was 3 weeks from GP appt to hospital appt (general resp as well), and now I'm wondering if that was just incredibly speedy and I got lucky. Anyone know if this is normal for Oxford or even normal for most places?

Thanks! Sorry for long post.



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