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Anyone else tried Pilates or done it regularly? I gave it a go yesterday as several people had told me that it was good, not vigorous and making you out of breath but good for strength, toning etc and also good for your breathing (resp physio was approving when I said I was going to try it).

I did enjoy it and there does seem to be a focus on breathing though have to say am in pain today! It creeps up on you the following day, and it doesn't help that my ribs have also been complaining (only takes the slightest thing to set them off these days, am sure many others here have the same as I did them in in the first place from breathing).

I am a masochist but think I will be going back next week. Hopefully it gets less painful as you get used to it.

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I went to Pilates classes for several years and enjoyed it on the whole. Must say, the success or otherwise depends on the teacher - I had several really good teachers but the last one was keen on pushing pupils beyond their capabilities, and I actually did my back in as a result. So take it very steady.


I did it for many years and became so good i was better than the instructor and encouraged to train but always work within your limits and remember it should never hurt in a bad way. Breathing exercises are good and anything that gets the lungs moving is a good thing.


Thanks to both of you! Though what is hurting in a good way? ;) I don't think my ribs know about that one lol

Have booked another class for Monday evening though think I must be mad on reflection as I have so much on.


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