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Not being able to talk properly - not emergency, just curious

This is meant to be a key indicator, but it confuses me. Sometimes I can do sentences but it's an effort and I'm breathless. Sometimes I sound a bit like William Shatner but eventually it stops (my previous cons said any problems I had with talking and breathlessness must be down to hyperventilation as if I couldn't talk in full sentences easily I'd be critical. Not ruling hyperventilation out in this case esp if it does go away but surely there's a sliding scale for how easily you can talk?)

Last week when I was pushing myself to make it to choir and the concert we were doing I found the words/music almost came out (once I stopped coughing) but couldn't quite escape - it was like the breath came out, made some noise at about the right pitch but then couldn't break free and went back down my throat! Eventually I got it more or less under control (sitting down) but then I find singing does help stabilise things.

Also, how do any of you test whether you can talk if you're on your own? I feel a bit embarrassed if my flatmate's next door and can't think of anything to say to myself so end up muttering random bits of poetry.

Sorry this is a bit random...just curious really about other people's experiences!

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I don't really think about it unless I'm trying to talk. I was struggling a bit at work last week and that was a bit wierd, if I'm feeling rough I tend to be a bit quiet anyhow. I usually judge it by how difficult it is to move around. That doesn't conform with asthma plans I guess so probably isn't helpful.



Yes I understand where you are coming from. Most of the time my voice is croaky and I find it very difficult to speak at a normal volume. A lot of times I have to repeat myself and discover I'm out of breath once I've done it. Also sometimes during a sentence my voice goes and I have to take a deep breath just to carry on. As for singing, forget it!!



Quite often the first thing that tells me my asthma is misbehaving is a change in the way my voice sounds. Can't describe it, though, it's just not right.

Sorry, that isn't really any help at all!


I think I know what you mean Annista as mine seems to go a little funny as well when I'm trying to push the words out (it's a little odd at the moment - not the best night!)

I'm just curious really anyway, as it seems so black and white in the guidelines and from what previous cons said but my experiences haven't been. I guess I'm just looking to see if what I experience is just weird or if I am not alone, given how 'individual' my lungs can be.

Dave, know what you mean about voice going a bit during the sentence. And I'm always amazed I can manage to sing at all and to use it as a way of controlling things, even given I'm not as severe as many.


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