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Going to have a bronchoscopy on Thursday. I know this isn't a usual test for asthma so most people on here probably won't have had one (they're puzzled and looking for other stuff with me), but if anyone has, anything that's useful to know?

I've had the leaflets from the hospital so know more or less what's involved, plus one of the nurses will apparently call me the day before to answer any questions.

Just wondered if anyone who's had one can add anything eg do they tell you stuff immediately afterwards about what they found and were you able to take it in? And were you out of it for the rest of the day or just a few hours?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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It is normal for more severe asthmatics to have these. Firstly dont worry, they thought of it is worse than it is.

They have to keep you in for a about an hour afterwards and watch you swollow but it can put your asthma out of sorts after so might need more salbutmol after.

They can see things just as inflammation and scar tissue but if they cant say things like the amont of inflammation markers so most of the results are at next clinic. They rarely make and changes straight after as they prefer to wait for results of any wash's or biopsis taken.


Hi philomela,

Me again!! I had one in February. I felt alert afterwards, not at all sleepy. Was propped upright on a bed for an hour afterwards, attached to a sats monitor and had regular blood pressure checks. (I needed my ventolin about 20 mins after it.) I just sat there people watching. An hour after they brought a glass of water to check i could swallow and then a lovely cup of tea!! When I was ready to leave they brought me a letter telling me my airways were normal but, didn't have the results of the biopsies (to check for inflammation) until my next appt with consultant. I didn't have a wash.

Jac xx

Edit: Hehe, i meant a wash in my lungs, not a wash!


Thanks Bizkid! Good to know they're not too bad, I wasn't too worried but it's still good to know from someone who's been there (I should stay OFF the internet though, couple of horror stories). Hope it doesn't stir anything up as salbutamol doesn't work for me. But then I probably don't have asthma so crossed fingers will be ok.

Jac - thanks! I keep seeing all the 'we'll give you something to make you sleepy' but actually I'm not that bothered about being awake for it as long as it doesn't hurt and I don't feel like I'm choking (wondering how I'm going to stop coughing though). I'd be quite interested in seeing the inside of my airways actually. And my next clinic appt isn't till August so I'm glad to hear they give you some results at least to start with. Might have to ask nurse on Wednesday about any other results, I don't want to wait that long if I can avoid it.

I hope you start feeling a bit better btw Bizkid - seen from your other posts still having a rough time.


It is a bit surreal, seeing your own airways. I had a fabulous nurse at my side with her hand on my shoulder talking to me quietly throughout and one of the specialist registrars i had seen did the procedure with the consultant overseeing. So i did feel very safe!

Jac xx


I have no idea who's going to do it - my consultant sent me a letter saying she was keen to proceed and I had to ring her secretary to say I was ok to go ahead and have them book it but then it was passed on to the treatment centre so not sure who it will be!

I am one of those people who always wants to see the screen and know what they're doing - when I had a nerve conduction study/EMG for something else I thought it was amazing and spent ages wiggling my fingers to see what patterns came up on the screen (the doctor had gone to find her consultant and left me wired up). I was also annoyed when I had an echocardiogram that the way they had me lying meant I couldn't see the screen. Bizarrely though I never like asking questions when I'm there, I just read all about it beforehand so I have an idea of what they're doing and how it works. Keeps me amused...


Had one in February, took that day and the next two off work but was OK really. Can't say it was a pleasure or that I would voolunteer to have it done but it is tolerable. I pted not to look at my airways but you can, it is great that you have the nurses and lab staff and allsorts theere for the registrar or consultant and a nurse there just for you.


Thanks, that's quite reassuring to know there's someone there to talk to you! They do give you some info but not that kind of thing and I like to know what to expect, so it's good to hear from other people who've had it.


I had one done 4 weeks ago and wouldn't like to have it repeated but my airways are hypersensitive and I always have problems with sedation.

I had to stay for a couple of hours after the procedure and managed to go to work the next day, but then again I'm not normal lol.

I think most of the people are fine with it and everyone is different. I'm sure you'll be ok, the procedure itself doesn't take long and you'll be in good hands.

I got the result of biopsy after 2 weeks.

Best of luck.

Love Lydia x


My experience and grrr

Just thought I would add my experience in case anyone wants the info in the future. Not too bad though showed nothing wrong, which is good in one sense but also means I am no closer to any kind of answer - I am so so frustrated right now.

Pretty much fine for me - no biopsies so I can't speak for that bit. Seemed like lots of people there (must have been about 5 or 6 and was actually a little freaked out by there being all these people in there but they were really nice and kept telling me how well I was doing and what was going on). Think almost the worst part was the anaesthetic spray - was same I imagine as you'd get if downing something like really strong banana-flavoured vodka (eww), then the getting the tube in was the worst part (but not too bad - luckily as they ended up having to take it out and put it back again). I chose to watch and it was actually quite interesting. Was worried about the coughing but I amazingly didn't really cough any more during the actual procedure than anyone else would - they warned me when something was about to make me cough.

They did give me sedation but it didn't do much - I was about as alert afterwards as before and remembered everything, but I don't mind as it was interesting. (I think I have a weird reaction to this kind of thing, I always have to take about twice as many painkillers as it says to get any painkilling effect and it's not as though I use them that often!)

Just basically lounged around in a bed for an hour or so afterwards coughing like mad and the nurse periodically turned up to take blood pressure etc (which for me was oddly high - I'd read this procedure carries a risk of blood pressure dropping, not rising!)

Feel more or less ok now - have been doing a bit of work from home. Throat a bit scratchy, breathless, noisy breathing and my ribs really hurt but all of that except the throat was there before I started.


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Thank you TJ


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