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Feeling dizzy - now also a bit brushed off by OOH!

Anyone felt a bit dizzy at a low level after overdoing it? Since exercise ECG last Friday have had feeling a bit like what you have after being too long in the sun except I haven't been out in the sun much. Doctors thought it was me not having enough to eat before test and so did I, so they made me drink coke and eat biscuits but seems to have persisted, very annoying!

Not really that worried as exercise test was normal as far as I got, all 3 mins or so, and nobody from hospital has been in touch about blood test results from Friday, but wondering if this is connected to breathing and anyone else had this? Guess it could be hyperventilation but seem to be breathing same as usual. I probably will get it checked out when I get home from holiday (would rather not try to deal with Italian system and am not here that much longer). But just curious to see if anyone else has had this. Hoping it is nothing new and will go away soon!

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Yes, I do get this and have also wondered what was causing it. I get it when my chest is more tight than normally and I'm getting quite short of breath, but my oxygen sats have been checked and were normal so I'm a bit confused about what's causing it.


Thanks for reply sppokymilo. Good to know I'm not the only one with this as was freaking myself out a bit especially since after test on Friday registrar said if the Coke didn't work they would need to find me a bed! But am doing ok apart from usual breathing issues and now this which is manageable if annoying, and they didn't seem to think it was cardiac then anyway.

Problem with being on holiday is I keep either freaking out or convincing myself I don't really need to see GP as is not that bad. I just hate going and saying, 'and another thing wrong' as feel like massive hypochondriac going with new symptoms and moaning at her!


I occasionally have dizzy spells, usually tied with time of month and hormones. Usually when eggs are being released. But can be being over tired, stress etc... Or to do with an inbalance in the middle ear. But get it checked out when you get back.


Not sure whether to go to GP now! Very confused

Made an appt with GP for Monday morning but not sure whether to keep it now. After I got back from holiday today dizziness seemed to get worse (feel a bit like I'm in a boat sometimes!) so thought I would check with NHS Direct to see if they thought I should just wait and ask GP or needed to see anyone tonight.

On their advice ended up at OOH but really feel like it was a bit of a brush-off - I told the doctor that it had come on after exercise ECG over a week ago etc then a few minutes later he asked how long it had been going on! Said it was probably dehydration as I perhaps haven't drunk enough today (which I know probably hasn't helped) but then I asked him if he had any idea why it had been going on for over a week, in which I have been trying to make sure I eat and drink well, and he basically said 'no idea'. Then said it might be hyperventilation and anxiety about the ECG and told me to breathe into a paper bag! I thought you weren't meant to do this any more, or am I getting that all wrong?

I probably sound like a complete hypochondriac and I know hyperventilation isn't impossible, nor is dehydration, but I didn't feel like he was really listening to what I was saying or bothering to actually ask me about any of the background to all this like my breathing issues. He took my blood pressure sitting and standing but nothing else, then said I was fine (which I probably am, and was just there as a precaution, but he seemed to have decided that already...)

Just wondering now whether to keep appt with GP on Monday! Apologies for long ramble, I'm just not sure what to do now and do feel a bit like a hypochondriac, but the doctors and cardiographer at the hospital did seem to take this more seriously whereas this OOH doctor was basically back to 'it's all hyperventilation'.


As you know I completely understand! In my experience, it's best to go to your own GP rather than OOH if possible, I think now I would probably either wait for my GP or if more urgent just go to A&E although when I was bad I did have two good experiences with OOH.

It is really annoying when they don't seem to listen to you but I'm sure you're not being a hypochondriac although I sometimes convince myself I'm doing the same. If you try to rest as much as possible does the dizziness go away? I know that when I get it I am usually extremely tired and that combined with shortness of breath seems to cause it, but if I sit down a lot the dizziness improves.


Thanks for reply spookymilo - I did remember your bad experiences with OOH which was reassuring, for me at least, as it made me think it's not just me!

I do sometimes get massively tired when I've 'overdone' it (on Wednesday that just meant a shortish slow trip out shopping, was zonked out afterwards) but more feel really really tired - haven't noticed if the dizziness is related. Breathing has been a bit worse than usual today what with travelling, walking around etc but not as bad as I might have expected. (OOH didn't bother to ask me anything at all about the breathing, except to comment that I was breathing fast and maybe it was hyperventilation - guess I can't rule it out but still...)

Think I might keep that GP appt as now I really do feel like I'm in a boat swaying from side to side which is a bit disconcerting... Will try and make sure I drink loads tomorrow and see how it goes, then at least GP can't say it's dehydration if I still have it.


It might be something like labyrinthitis i.e. an inner ear problem as revcathfrog said. Your remark 'in a boat swaying from side to side' reminded me I always thought it felt like being seasick. Always felt worse when tired or overdoing it as well?! Sounds like a bit of an odd OOH doctor.


My mum had labyrinthitis once, said she felt seasick all the time even though she normally doesn't get seasick even in a boat! At least I don't feel sick, so massive sympathy if you had that feeling.

tbh this dizzy thing is probably nothing and I already feel like I've gone on about it too much, but would like to be told I'm fine by someone other than a doctor who tells me to breathe into a paper bag without even asking about the chronic breathing difficulties I've just mentioned.

(btw TJ, hope you're moving towards getting something sorted - from your other post sounds like drs are scratching their heads a bit and you're having to wait around a lot which is always frustrating esp. when you can't breathe properly!)


Philomena, I think Revcath is probably on the right track with labarynthitis, especially if you feel better when you're absolutely still. A short course of antibiotics sorted me out when I had it some years ago, but I remember how nasty it was while it lasted - every time I got up I fell over! My kids found it hilarious, which didn't improve matters, and for about a week I couldn't walk in a straight line, which also amused them no end. I really feel for you and hope that your own GP can sort you out quickly. In the meantime try to stay still.



I Had labrynthitis and got Menieres Disease and its nasty.Room spins to fast to focus and verry sick and pearcing tinnitus in both ears and loss of balance.MD Comes and goes days.weeks.months.Im on 2 lots of tabs for it and constant tinnitus and wear Maskers in my ears.Hope yours isnt like it as wouldnt wish it on anyone xxx


That sounds horrible Glynis, glad I don't have that! Mine is thankfully much more mild if it is an inner ear problem, though weirdly it seems to almost be worse when I'm sitting still and I only get the swaying then (though do find myself leaning on things to get up and sometimes walking close to the walls). Been in Venice all week on holiday so maybe my brain just thinks it's still on water ;)


Love Venice,

Had a fantastic time there and got a big wall tapestry of the bridge .

loved the water ways.was hard get a bout with all the steps as had my crutches then ,but

would go back again tomorrow as love the place xxx


Venice with crutches - yes, that would be tricky! So many bridges, bad enough if you just have the breathing issues (and the humidity was fierce, practically gasping one day!) But it is lovely...

Saw GP this morning re dizziness and she has no idea what it is, said it could be labyrinthitis but isn't sure - seemed doubtful about whether it was ear-related but said in any case couldn't find any reason for it, though she did think it was odd that it only started after exercise ECG! She said BP is lowish but apparently when I saw OOH on Sat it was really low and got lower when I stood up, is now back to 'normal', for me. Same result as OOH really but attitude really does make a difference! My GP would NOT tell me to breathe into a paper bag.

Did feel I got somewhere though as she was asking how breathing was, and when I was moaning a bit about how far away next appt is and how they're not getting anywhere with answers said she might get in touch with the resp consultant herself and see what could be done. Not holding my breath (haha) as may come to nothing or she might decide not to but I was a little encouraged as think it sounds better coming from GP than me.

On the way out she admired my skirt and asked where I bought it - cue slightly bizarre discussion of the merits of Bravissimo with me clutching doorframe! Just hope she doesn't wear it next time I see her as that would be a bit weird...



Was a fantastic holiday.

MY eldest son was 18 at the time and we let him pic the holiday

as we told him this one was for him and the last one he has to come with us and

only come with us another year if he wanted .

We all had lots of fun and some lovely pics taken .xxxx


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