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General long-term ways to deal with annoying lungs without medication - ***not emergency***

EDIT really not emergency, they have been like this for a few days and haven't got worse, it doesn't seem to happen like that with me though I have been to OOH before when worried. Really sorry if I sounded like I was looking for immediate medical advice, more after general long-term advice and hope this isn't inappropriate!

Just wondering what any of you do to feel better if you're in limbo where you're not bad enough for Costa etc, or recovering afterwards but still breathless and medication is not working/only partly working? Lean forward? Watch something silly on TV (but not too silly I'm guessing as laughing makes me cough, don't know about anyone else).

Am trying to think of ways of distracting myself from generally fairly pissed off lungs (but chronically rather than acutely) while I wait to see if pred kicks in, since GP (as part of her unintentional 'make me feel down' mode yesterday) agreed that most of the time OOH etc wouldn't be able to do anything for me - I kind of knew this but still.

Is it possible, even?

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Philomela you NEED to go to A and E.

If people are out of hospital that's because medical staff have assessed them/ treated them and decided they are safe to be at home you have not had the same medical advice. Please go to A and E now and get medical attention, especially as you are on pred and its not helping.

A very concerned


Ps. was thinking about your case and wondered if you'd had a nitric oxide test? (answer after your trip to A and E)


Really sorry if I alarmed anyone, they're not quite that bad!

Hi Ally,

I'm really sorry if that came across as a 'suddenly got worse and need help' as I have been trying to make sure not to cross the line into asking for medical advice esp emergency and this wasn't meant to be that. I will absolutely get help if it does get any worse, I don't think it came across very well that they've been grumpy like this for a while (week or at least a couple of days but don't deteriorate rapidly) though are a little more unhappy today after doing a bit too much yesterday.

Only on pred to see 'if' it helps - 2nd day today of 2-week course starting from 40mg, on advice of AUK nurses and GP agreeing to give it a try just in case. Wasn't expecting it to work yet necessarily - should it be?

I can ring NHS direct but previously in this sort of situation they have sent me to OOH who have said 'nothing we can do, you're ok'. Never had nitric oxide test I don't think - still waiting to hear what cons has planned - if anything.


hope you feel better soon.Asthma nurse told me sit up straight and breath in and make tummy go out at same time to make space round lungs then breath out.Said that was the right way to breath and the physio for asthma show you xxx Hope it helps and you know your self when get help xxx


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