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Metallic taste in mouth

Don't know if I'm overanalysing every little thing here (trying not to turn into a hypochondriac!)

But has anyone else had a metallic taste in their mouth when coughing a lot? Happens occasionally, happened today with the slight feeling of some mucus maybe wanting to come up... Not worried, just curious to see if anyone else gets this - like I said doesn't happen often but have been coughing a lot today - think I overdid it with the walking yesterday.

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There was an article on the BBC website recently about 'Questions Men Dare Not Ask a GP'. One of the questions was 'If I am fighting or running away why do I get a coppery taste in my mouth?' The doctor answering the questions thought it could be the taste of blood as you can get microscopic bleeding when doing anything strenuous.

It could be that if you are coughing a lot that you are getting a tiny (microscopically tiny) amount of bleeding. That is my best guess anyway!



It did taste like blood but thought that would always be some major thing, so was telling myself not to be such a drama queen as things aren't that bad! But if it's possible to just get a tiny amount, enough to taste but nothing serious, then could well be that - thanks Bryony!


I have a metal taste all the time.Think its my meds xxx


I had the same thing a few weeks back, to help I would gargle with salty water, but if you use your inhaler a lot you might find that you may have thrush in your throat, you can get that sorted in about a week.



I had the same problem and found it was whitening toothpaste that was causing the problem. Once I changed to the ""original"" toothpastes, the metallic taste went away.

Might be worth a try


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