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PF diary - when to take readings

Trying to keep a PF diary before cons appt on 1st Feb - just in case it's useful or they ask. In general my PF doesn't really show much about my asthma but thought I might as well do it for a week or so just so they can see.

Only thing is, not sure when to take the evening reading. I know the morning one is first thing before any medication, but I'm usually at my worst in the evening, so take lots of medication, which tends to put my PF up a little but doesn't make me feel that much better.

So if I take it then it might look like I'm better in the evening even though I'm actually worse then! Would it be ok to take a reading early evening (if possible) before I start hitting the reliever big-time? (Yes, this happens pretty much every evening right now).

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I did a peak flow diary for 3 months after my first respiratory consultant appt and was told to take the readings first thing in the morning before any medication and then in the evening at 6pm ish or approx 12 hours later. Maybe keep a note of when you use inhalers and other points e.g. symptoms/triggers. Classic morning dips acknowledged but then at last appt, couldn't find them in my notes and claimed incorrectly dips in the evenings and concluded another reason why not typical asthma, grrr.

If you have an iphone, try an app like the asthmaMD or lookup various pc/mac equivalents.

That was a quick appt in the end, good luck and hope you get some answers.


Thanks! Yeah can't believe how quick; was thinking about holding out for Brompton as was a possibility but I caved when secretary said 13 days for St Mary's lol. I think my current flare-up had an effect on my thinking there; just hope they aren't like the last lot! But was very pleased to get it all sorted on Thurs when I thought it would take another week.

Will have a look at an app, thanks for tip - I have the AUK diary but it doesn't really have space for writing in symptoms, when you took inhaler etc! Can you print out the diaries when you do them on the app? Otherwise can see myself handing iPad over...



Sorry for the non-Apple-users here (I'm sure there are similar things though) but just had to say this AsthmaMD thing is pretty amazing - not only does it let you adjust top PF so all the readings are interpreted against your best, but it has a separate bit where it asks about your symptoms, and if PF and symptoms aren't in the same 'zone' (green/yellow/red or well/worse/critical) it informs you that they don't match and it's going for the lower one to be safe.

Just impressed as it's much better than the paper one - much more space for detailed notes about symptoms and you can take multiple readings/symptom updates if you want throughout the day (paper ones only have space for 2 a day usually) and it notes the time you did them. Plus seems to acknowledge that symptoms can be as important as PF. I'm going to use the 'email to dr' feature to send it to myself, print out and take to appt. I hate doing these things and wouldn't like to use the app long term but prefer this to the usual sort.

Maybe loads of you already use it or something similar but I didn't know about it...so massive thanks TJ!


No problem Philomena, glad to help.

I had used the Asthma Logbook on my Macbook until I got an iphone recently and the AsthmaMD app, much easier when out and about. Now something that works on both would be ideal. Being able to set zones, add notes, customise the medication list etc is so handy. Another advantage to paper is easier to keep records longterm I think.

*Edit to add, I heard about the logbook and other apps sometime ago on here and searched when I got the iphone too.


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