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Stuck in same place (slight rant alert!)

EDIT sorry for moan, feel free to ignore! I was in a moaning argghh my ribs hrt sort of mood when posting, maybe I should have waited.

Feel a little like I am back to square one. I know I'm not, as I can walk around more quickly than before I was on the medication and not get completely knackered. Plus I now know I have asthma which helps, and it will be much harder to dismiss me. And as ever, reading posts on here and talking to people reminds me it could be so much worse.

However, I am feeling a bit stuck. My asthma is acting up for no good reason that I can see, unless it's missing 5 days of Intal due to various errors on my and surgery's part, plus one day of Montelukast which led to a rather nasty day last Friday with copious amounts of blue and nearly ringing OOH, but then I figured they wouldn't be able to do anything and I could still speak in whole sentences etc. So that could be having a knock-on effect (hope so, means it should stabilise soon) but I have had disturbed nights from asthma for quite a few nights now including a bad one on Friday when I kept waking up (and normally I have a surprising ability to get to sleep even when I think I might not be able to). Plus the last couple of days I have been really hitting the blue and my ribs are letting me know that lungs aren't happy!

Never quite gets to the point though where I feel it's worth getting help. Can't go back to GP, he is sympathetic but says he is stumped and will have to wait for chest clinic (which will be ages, I haven't even seen the choose and book form yet and it's been a couple of weeks, not really sure what's going on there...he said he was chasing the paperwork, and it will be ages even once I have sorted the appt). he can't even give me pred as it doesn't work.

Just feel a bit like I am in the twilight zone of feeling rather rubbish but not enough for anyone to do anything.

Anyway really sorry for rather self-pitying and long rant! It is better than before, I'm more able to get on with my life and I can work so I know I'm luckier than many, my life is not ruled by Costa. Still, I would like some answers and to stop being so weird so chest clinics don't look at me like a hypochondriac freak.

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hi Philomela!

so sorry to hear that youre having a rubbish time again. not much i can say, other than that i completely sympathise with the sleepless nights! also, it sounds like youre really struggling, though not an emergency or anything. so i would imagine that this will be apparent at the chest clinic, and that also your GP has done a referal letter explaining these problems. so i would be very surprised and agrieved if they didnt realise that youre in a very uncomfortable and annoying position atm. also, from your other posts, it seems your lungs are pretty picky when it comes to meds. so maybe there are some tests that can be done to determine what (type of) stuff will or wont work for you. and that at the chest clinic they will possibly have some experience of other patients with similar problems.

so what im trying to say is that there is a lot of things that could still be done to help improve your condition, but i suppose you just have to sweat it out untill the chest clinic appointment. sorry about that!



It's hard to see the improvements sometimes and what makes it worse us when we suddenly have a good day or marked improvement what do we do ...... We try to do everything at once and push ourselves too much resulting in bad asthma once again .... At a recent clinic I was asked if I finally accepted my limitations and sticking to them.... Made me take stock...... Well kinda


Thanks guys! I do appreciate the encouraging words from both of you (especially when I think of all the stuff you have to put up with Rose, I have it fairly simple and easy judging from what you have said in various posts so thanks for responding and encouraging me! Also Gussypoo, don't think you have an easy time of it either). Feel bad for moaning but family and friends are not really an option I feel for asthma rants.

Chest clinic is also meant to find an answer to the mystery dizziness...not sure what they're going to come up with there but GP feels it must somehow be related. I feel they will be bouncing me back to cardiology but they have decided I'm fine...hmm, I do like to be complicated lol!


philomela, no worries, i feel better knowing that ive (at least tried to) help someone else when im feeling sorry for myself!

also, just wondering, have you had a tilt test to test for positional low BP? if not, maybe you could bring that up with your GP and/or chest clinic?


Awww, I hope you're feeling a little better now. :) Rants are really important so feel free to have one. I think it's so important that we have a place like this where we can rant and feel safe in doing so because it can drive you slightly mad when you feel nothing works or that despite doing everything you're told things still go wrong. This is somewhere where we're actually allowed to be humans and have bodies that don't respond exactly as the medical textbooks/scientific research says we should - something I often feel I'm being blamed for when I see my consultant - Oooh, I'm so tempted to give mine a book on human psychology as a leaving present - heehee.


Like the others say. Sometimes a good rant is what u need ESP when the frustration kicks in .... Regarding the dizzyness does any of ur meds cause it.....


Hehe thanks Ratty, I think your cons could do with a guide to how to function in the human race (if anyone has written such a thing, I could think of several neurologists who might also benefit...)

Gussypoo, don't think it's the meds as I was on nothing at all when it started and for quite a while afterwards, and have been on various since. The only ones that may have caused dizziness have been the ones I was on to try and control it! GP tried one specifically to see if it was a labyrinthine sort of dizziness and that one made it worse, which makes me suspect it may be BP related judging from the leaflet for that drug.

Rose, I haven't had a tilt table test though was expecting it! My GP seems to have changed his mind, as initially he said it was BP and baroreflex related, was going to send me to a neurologist, then started thinking about labyrinthitis again and has now decided it's up to the chest clinic! A bit confused, also hoping he gets on with the referral...


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