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Consultant appointment - finally!

Appointment is coming up on Thursday - finally! Unless they delay it or something.

It's general resp not asthma, because my GP was a little confused and not 100% sure about the asthma (by this point I am though). I've been before so have vague idea of what to expect though it's a different hospital/trust and I know they may do things a bit differently, also because things are slightly different this time.

I know no-one can really give me much advice other than the usual which I'll follow (write things down etc) - though if you do have any would be great to hear it!

I'm more just airing concerns, because I'm worried that:

*I feel like I'm going to court, or a job interview, not the hospital! Worried they're going to pick holes in everything I say and have done (eg 'why didn't you take your Ventolin at this point then, if it was so bad?') I realise this is probably a little irrational and more to do with the fact that a) I am terrible at job interviews and have been to a lot and b) I have a lot of friends who are lawyers and I studied it once.

On the other hand, I have met consultants who really could have done with some basic social skills, let alone a bedside manner, and I'm worried about running into another one because they tend not to be helpful and leave me very frustrated!

*Worried that, even though it's worse than last time, I'll get 'just overbreathing' or them dismissing my symptoms because of no wheeze/excellent lung function etc. I will of course be telling them there is a reason for the high PF and spirometry (ie singing and oboe), but will have to hope they listen and know the implications.

Of course, appt is at time of day when symptoms are least bad (other than today following mammoth walk yesterday) so will have to hope they can see from PF diary etc that it has been worse.

Sorry for yet another massive long post - just sounding off really! I'm probably pinning too much on this but I really would like some medication that works and to know what is actually going on.


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HI Philomela,

Did they tell you not take certain meds before and inhalers etc


Hi Glynis,

Thanks for reply - no, they haven't said anything, probably because I'm only on one medication (which doesn't work very well) and this appt is supposed to be to find out what's going on and potentially prescribe something that works.

They just said 'turn up and bring the letter' though GP agreed with me a PF diary would be a good idea so have been keeping one for a month or so.


hi philomela

i was completely the same before my first appt with my 'new' consultant for my asthma.

just remember to be yourself, open and honest.

like you said remember your list of questions as if your worried etc bout the appt as it is, chances are you will forget half of them when you get there!!

make sure you take your peak flow diary with you, as thats where they will see trends and be able to tell more bout your triggers etc.. e.g. do you drop ur peak flow when u wean down dose of pred or at certain time of day, or after coming into contact with certain triggers but hadnt noticed - perhaps the cons may notice something on there that u hadnt ?! that could help with your overall control of symptoms.

dont worry bout overuse/ underuse of ventolin! they are not u, so who r they to tell u ?

i am the same with pf as my predicted is 440 yet my best is 550, prob down to my singing when i was younger they said ;) so defo mention the singing and oboe to them.

hope u get all your questions answered and a proper action plan in place with the involvement of the asthma nurse!!

x x x


I was terrified on my visit to the consultant for the first time. I'm not sure why, I've come across them before although many years ago. I'm getting similarly stressed out about the 2nd visit! You're really not alone. Seems like your a lot more organised than I was, that should help.

Mine was fine, he was ok. He saw I was anxious. I hope your experience is something similar.


Thanks for replies, very reassuring! Just as long as I remember the list - I'm quite capable of writing it down then not remembering I've done it.

Fortunately I'm only on one medication (plus Ventolin when I get desperate - it doesn't really work unless I take a massive amount in a short time). I have not had the pleasure (!) of pred and hope I won't at any point. This should at least make that bit easier - no trying to work out which medications are doing what! Pity I don't have a PF diary pre-Spiriva though.

Snowygirl - am hoping an asthma nurse will be involved but since it's general resp not sure - they presumably have to actually decide formally that it is asthma first! But would like to see one.


glad u only got just the one medication to take....

it all gets so confusing for me, i know what they are for obviously but just remembering what medication to take morning, noon + night!! lol. i know got daily checklist calendar to help lol.

good luck thurs + let us know

ps. hope u do get to see an asthma nurse and that u get a proper action plan regardless of seeing one :)

x x x


So confused!!!

Went to appt today, and while the consultant was really nice and did take the time to listen to me, I'm more confused than before I went! Feel like maybe I shouldn't be on here, because the asthma is definitely doubtful - turns out the guy I saw before, who told me it was overbreathing and definitely not asthma, is a top expert in asthma who practises at the RBH (I saw him at the Royal London last year). How stupid do I feel for criticising him now (not to anyone at hosp, just sounding off to family and on here a bit) - though I still didn't feel like he was listening to me or asking many questions and he didn't seem to look at my notes (tried to diagnose me with something I've had since birth and which was written in notes!)

I was pretty breathless at my appt today, but not wheezing and chest clear (grrr! I've been wheezing for the last 2 days and was this morning - why do I NEVER manage to wheeze during an appt?) Also have a racing pulse - was racing just sitting down and even more so after consultant made me walk up and down the corridor a few times to see if my sats dropped (which was a little embarrassing as everyone in the waiting room was clearly wondering what I was doing...). So have to see a cardiologist, and also potentially have a bronchoscopy in case it's vocal cord dysfunction.

However, I peeked at my lung function results after I'd had the tests done, and whereas last time they were apparently over 100%, this time they were all below predicted, mostly not by much but still made me wonder.

aaarrrghh so confused! I feel like I'm living in an episode of House - which I like, but if I had to choose a TV show to live in it wouldn't be that one.


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