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So I thought it would be a really good idea to meet some people and go for a 5 mile walk this morning.

Thought 'oh well, I can walk a little way' (yes, and it makes me breathless) so surely if I just walk slowly I can do a long way, no real difference.

Foolishness! Nothing awful has happened because my asthma is not of the needing Costa and nebs variety (if it were I wouldn't even have considered it and probably wouldn't have got very far if I had), and I made it round the walk and home, but practically staggered in the door and now really knackered and breathless (PF is ok for me though)! I forgot that it's hard to walk slowly when other people aren't, and while I've had to modify it recently I'm normally a charge ahead fast-walking person - no more!

Also my legs hurt but that's nothing to do with asthma.;)

I was in a 'of course I can manage to do stuff normally, it's not that bad' kind of mood. And I obviously can, sort of, but perhaps would have been better to wait until AFTER I got some inhalers that work.

Has anyone else done this sort of thing - the 'hmm, let's see how far I can go, it can't be that bad' type?

uggh, need to go to the supermarket but reluctant to move.

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yeah before i got told your asthmatic. I was rushed to a&e they said all it was is a chest infection - paramedics said it was an asthma attack. I went and did a 5 km walk nearly ended up back in a&e



yip been there done that philomela!!

i am certainly not one to rest when i know i should be, although i have had to in recent weeks, its just not in my nature. i had been for a walk one day last week - only to the shops and back,thinking oh i aint that bad, when actually, yes i was, and when i got back home, lips were blue, SOB, drop peak flow and couldnt talk. defo exerted myself. yet i felt i COULD DO IT.... i wanted to do it :( obviously tested and pushed myself too soon and failed. needless to say i ended up back in costa (other factors also, mind)

like you say, madness!

x x x


Thanks for replies, good to know I'm not the only one who does this kind of thing!

Made it to supermarket but kind of leaning on trolley a bit and wanted to sit down as soon as I came in. Actually kind of want to lie on sofa, upright feels like too much effort.

Just remembered when I was barely over swine flu (which I blame for starting off my asthma again as before that it had pretty much gone underground), I decided to walk to the shops (not sure how far but not next door, bit of a trek) and back - just to see if I could. Although I was walking at the speed of an 80-year-old I got back and collapsed on the sofa and it was back to feeling like I had right in the middle of having the flu.

I clearly never learn.


Madness, no, just that it is hard to adjust when you previously found something straight forward and easy. Just this week I did a 6 mile walk with Lottie Dog in 2 and half hours all before 9 am in the morning. Yes I was knackered, and breathless, do I regret it? NO I DON'T. What I do now is I take my meds before I go, go at my pace, and if with friend or husband they either have to slow down or accept i am several metres behind. If I need to take puffers while I am out, I use them (and supposedly wait until they kick in before I continue, YEH RIGHT!). Once I complete the walk I go home and nothing for a few hours because I will have reached my limitations and need to let myself recover.

So continue to enjoy your Madness, because I think it is important where possible with adjustments that you do every day stuff.


Did the same thing but with my dog few weeks back.Good job hubby was with me. Next time will plan a better route and not up bank ggrr! Love glynis xxx


Yeeessss... Afterwards I told my GP and she said, there's a difference between exercise induced asthma and just being normal and getting out of breath... Apparently I get both! The latter stops if you stop for a couple of minutes!


Oh yes :)

Weve all done stupid things like that.

When car was off road i told Jane id nip down to the shops.

She gave me that oh no hes doing somethin stupid again look.

Ill show you, i thought to myself.

Off i went, shops not far anyway.

I got to shop, bout one & half miles away. I feel fine.

Looking at list i noticed not much on it. So, stupidly, i added a few extras. Big mistake :(

I came out of shop with 5 bags. Not too heavy, well not till i started walking back, uphill.

Now everyone knows bags of shopping become heavier the further you walk with them.

I made it back (after few sneaky puffs of blue) & tried so very hard to make out id quite enjoyed the walk.

My stupid sweaty red face told another tale.

Oh yeah, Jane said, i can smell how much you enjoyed that walk.

At least i sneaked some more blue whilst Jane ran me a bath.

Howie ;)


I do it all the time when I'm out with friends because I just can't bring myself to admit that I can't walk as fast as they can, and by the time I'm ready to admit I've got a problem I haven't got enough breath to say anything lol.


Howie - lol, sounds painful but I can see myself doing the same.

Annista - exactly! I don't like lagging behind, I'm the one who usually strides on ahead. In this case it was worse because I didn't really know anyone - I moved fairly recently and am trying out new things to meet people. Since I haven't even really explained my asthma to my friends this was worse as I didn't feel like getting into it with people I barely know.

What surprised me afterwards was how knackered I felt - really just wanting to lie down and finding sitting typing a bit hard (didn't stop me though....). Though I too get the normal kind of out of breath as well, as I'm not very fit - however it gets swallowed up by the other sort, although that usually has a slight delay.


thought i was okay enough to go do my brownies tonight, hmmmm....

having an attack in front of one of them and one of the brownies, not a good look!

luckily managed to maintain my dignity, but still. . . madness to think i could do it tonite

x x x


oops, just the kind of thing I'd do Snowygirl, hope you feel better! And sounds like at least you didn't end up in Costa this time? Hope you get some more sleep tonight.

I'm still feeling the effects of Saturday's walk. At least if it persists till Thursday it might help with my appt, to show how it can get - sod's law says though I'll feel great on Thursday for appt and rubbish on Friday when I'm supposed to be going to Manchester for the weekend to stay with my friend.


yip it always ends up like that dont it - u feel okayish when its time for the cons appt and when ur due to go somewhere ..... grrr!!!

x x x


definition of madness - discharging urself from resus when u still dont feel right and they wanna admit u to hdu for iv amino . . .



snowygirl, normally I'd agree but I read your other post and think it's not so mad given that you've had a bad experience with that hospital before (nothing mad about wanting to avoid cardiac arrest!)

Hope the nebs work and you avoid being captured again!



thanks philomela :)

nebs working so far, no recapture . . .

tho pf still low and constant tite chest, sneezing and runny nose cos of darn hayfever also... :S

x x


I am a ""brittle"" asthmatic who thought that doing a Tai Bo exercise DVD would be a great idea to shift a few extra pounds caused by pred. I ended up in hospital having to explain to a very scary respiratory registrar why I thought that it would be a good idea. She was trying to get a line in at the time to give me the IV magnesium that I needed. About an hour later I asked the same doctor if it was possible to go home now. Her answer can you walk to the end of the bed without becoming wheezy, I think not so there you have answered your own question! I hate it when they are right. Also I had been home 2 days after an ITU admissiona nd I tried to go back to work. I ended up back in hospital and haven't been to work for 8 weeks now.


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