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Grrr Dissabilty living allowance forms.

Hey peeps my DLA is up for renewal and I'm currently filling in the forms.

I have a very good letter from my consultant but im just wondering the page where it asks for a statement from someone who knows you well, Shall I get this filled in or should I just say see enclosed letter?

Last time my con did fill it in but I had no supporting letter.

I'm seeing resp nurse tommorow so I could get her to do it. Would it be best to have a few peeps telling them about me, or just use the letter?

Sorry if this sounds confusing!

Clare :)

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Clare, ask your resp nurse to fill in the form and send off the consultants letter. I simply gave them my consultants address let them do the hard work. I know the asthma nurse nabbed it off his desk and did a supporting letter I was awarded higher rate for both components for life, mind you I had my gastro cons and neuro cons names and addresses down as well so they might have helped but my asthma nurse said she knew the DLA people well!

Good luck



Like Bex says give them both maybe GP too. I have just been awarded higher care and mobility indefinitely and i think it did help giving th names of all my cons and their contact email. phone number/address.

Dont forget to give them the list from your prescriptions (the bit u keep and the pharmacist gets their bit) to so they know exactly what meds u are on. good luck


I got all my 4 consultants to write for mine, my GP, my parents and some of my friends who have helped me.

I also got sent for a medical and i got Higher mobility and middle care but this is more for my genetic condition than my asthma. Unpredictable joint stableness.

Get as much evidence as you can is my advice.


i got high rate care and high rate mobility for 3 yrs initially but i had gp write a letter and con and resp nurse the first time i just got a mate to sign the form saying she was giving me some care which she was-i happen to have great mates but i never ever wanna rely on my mates like that again-she just didnt think anything of it none of them did as one is a nurse another is a doctor another an o.t etc so ya see when you work in the medical field so do most of your friends - then at that point they wont see you struggle .....ever! Lol! My friends have seen my body more recently than my folks lol! Im hoping to get discharged on my care package tho i do need to call social worker tmoro :-) we'll see what she says. Eek fingers crossed tho hey? Good luck..the forms are evil. Thought you had it indef clare? Its a shame they're making you fill stupid forms in again. Hope it comes good for you. X


Thanks for the advice peeps. Nope, kat was only awarded it for 4 years last time I claimed in sept 05.

Have got resp nurse to fill it in. Hopefully they wont change how much I receive, now begins the long wait for the decision! And hopefully they wont make me go for a medical again!


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