I recently joined this interesting forum/community. There are not many members at the mo and I have been asked to invite all you asthma lot to join the asthma part of the community, they have read our Catching our breath blog. There is a mixture of doctors, patients and other medical type people willing to answer questions that maybe cannot be answered on here. The doctors are some of the top resp docs in america. It is a bit americanised (if thats a word).

Heres the linky

it that dosnt work try

Feel free to remove this mods if its wrong to post it.


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  • nice if you can ever register on the site in the first place. I've had 3 attempts and nothing.

  • Clare invited me to it a while ago, I have found it quite interesting so far :)

  • did you try the links?

  • yes both took me to a sign-in page, or register, which wouldn't accept anything I gave it, no matter how I tried.

  • Just go to and try from there.

  • still doesn't work, fill in all the fields, and still asks for my name

  • You must be doing something wrong woody, everyone else I have invited has been able to join. I'll email them for you and see what I can do :)

  • can get it up ok

    just wanted find out if free or yearly fee

    lol Glynis x

  • Clare, thanks. Think it may be Firefox with loads of plug-in security settings preventing it from working, but i'm not going to disable any of them for no one, unless I know the site.

  • its all free glynis. Try it out :)

  • Thanks Clare 22 xxx

  • this site really hates my secure firefox, won't work XP,Vista or linux so hate to think how vulnerable some peoples computers are.

  • Won't work with my firefox either woody. Not too happy myself with all the personal info they want either - shame but I won't be joining this one.

  • Registered with the site no problems but disapointed in the site sorry. Was keen to look up drug research. Seems the studies have stopped with no feed given also the support pages not as good as here little feed back given and doesn't seem to have the personnal touch or humour. Too academic for me

  • No problems on Google Chrome. Pages are a bit American but its ok from what I could see on a quick look. Thanks for pointing out the site.

  • got it to work, forms a bit touchy about what you enter and how!

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